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August 24, 2006

Meth offender registries all the rage

This week, USA Today has run some interesting articles on the latest criminal justices fad: meth-offender registries. This article provides some background:

States frustrated with the growth of toxic methamphetamine labs are creating Internet registries to publicize the names of people convicted of making or selling meth, the cheap and highly addictive stimulant plaguing communities across the nation.  The registries — similar to the sex-offender registries operated by every state — have been approved within the past 18 months in Tennessee, Minnesota and Illinois.  Montana has listed those convicted of running illegal drug labs on its Internet registry of sexual and violent offenders since 2003.  Meth-offender registries are being considered in Georgia, Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington state and West Virginia.

This article provides some details about the development of a meth offender registry in Illinois:

In January, Illinois will become the fourth state to offer a searchable Internet database of convicted meth manufacturers, dealers and traffickers as part of an effort to crack down on meth labs, which have polluted communities across the state.  [O]fficials say the database will allow landlords, real estate agents and neighborhood residents to check for meth offenders.

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I am a student and father of two children. The three of us have been put through hell by meth. The mother of my children has become addicted to meth and has been swept up in family and social culture that harbors and tolerates this drug abuse. I would love to see a registry created to help fight this terrible epidemic. Here is an example of the system failing. I found meth in her car, I turn the meth and her into a local narcotics agent. She was placed on a very loose probation for drug parafanlia while her meth charge sits in a docket that is to be held over till the new year because of local court house renovations. In the mean time she passes drug tests with her probation officer regularly as she is only tested on a day she must report. Meth is out of a persons system within days depending on the degree usage. This is a no brainer! She exihibited signs of use, still nothing more was done. I complained to the probation department. Nothing more was done. She was later caught in a school zone with scales, baggies and some unknown quantity of meth. Someone Help! There is no telling if she sold any of these drugs to other persons but now she faces very steep penalties and our family is very much in destress. I was hoping that some kind of law enforcement system would have put an end to her use and involvement with these drugs, yet all they did was slap her on the wrist and put her back out there to fail again. I think a clean out program to detox a person and psycho therapy to help them understand there decision making should be mandatory with any possession arrest.

What is done to drunk drivers???

A concerned father and husband.
Please help.

Posted by: Daniel | Dec 8, 2006 10:22:23 AM

To the concerned father. It makes me wonder why you don't go through a civil court system to have the mother enter into a drug rehab by court order or lose her children. Where are YOU in this mess. It seems you don't understand how a person is tested for meth either. There are hair folicle tests that can be made. Have you talked to the probation officer and asked that these tests be performed? You say that one can clean their system out in a few days? You don't know what in the hell you are talking about. Meth kills. It takes over a person life. Nothing else matters to them. I am a mother of a child that was on Meth. I KNOW what I am talking about and it is clear that you sure don't. Get your facts before you go whining and do what YOU should do to protect your children, yourself, AND YOUR WIFE AND HER RELATIONSHIP WITH HER CHILDREN. IF you really want your mess straightened out. Also there is "intervention". Tried that one? Bet not. Just want to whine and get someone else to deal with YOUR problems. Get off your backside and get with it.... stop the damned whining. It makes those that KNOW, disgusted.

Posted by: Cherryl | Aug 2, 2007 3:10:16 PM

Just to clarify my post to the father, read the post and it shows he is all about the 'I' and not about the 'us'. When there are children involved, and the parent that is the responsible one, doesn't do what s/he should do, he is an enabler and not doing what they should morally do to protect the family unit. KNOW where you are going, what the end results are that your goal is and do it. Just don't stop, keep pushing, and care enough about the one the Meth has taken over, and KILLING, to stop it. At this point you have two choices... get it stopped or let the mother/wife damage herself to the point of no return. Meth KILLS.

Mother of a Meth Child!

Posted by: Cherryl | Aug 2, 2007 3:16:02 PM

I've decided to close "The Adventures of the Smart Patrol," and blog exclusively on Shakespeare's Sister. Most of my regular readers check out my posts there as it is, and I'm sure that those of you that only read me here will find plenty of fantastic posts and good discussion at Shakes' place. It just seemed a little silly to me to be cross-posting everything over there, and keep this open just to have "my own place." Add to that the "all new blogger" that will probably kill my cool template along with my very small amount of hits, and it just doesn't seem to make much sense to keep this blog going.


maine drug rehab

Posted by: mercy | Nov 20, 2008 6:53:49 AM

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