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August 22, 2006

Oklahoma tweaking its lethal injection protocol

Oklahoma, the first state to develop a procedure for lethal injection, is now tweaking its protocol.  Here are a few details from this AP story:

Oklahoma has changed the way it administers fatal drugs during executions amid three court challenges to the process.  Under the revised procedure, a death row inmate will receive a larger dose of anesthesia before the drug that stops the inmate’s heart is administered. Richard Kirby, the general counsel for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, said the changes were the result of recommendations by an expert who testified during a recent challenge by a death row inmate....

James Patrick Malicoat, who was convicted of murdering his 13-month-old daughter in 1997 in Chickasha, is scheduled to be executed Tuesday. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals rejected Malicoat’s challenge to the execution procedure in June.  At least three inmates have challenged Oklahoma’s execution procedure in federal court, claiming it violates their 8th Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment....

Oklahoma law calls for condemned inmates to be injected with a lethal quantity of an ultra-short acting barbiturate in combination with a chemical paralytic agent until they are pronounced dead. Details are left up to the Corrections Department. Kirby said the warden at Oklahoma State Penitentiary, where inmates are executed, is responsible for the procedure, with input from other department officials. Medical professionals are consulted when needed.

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I am not a professor, law student, prosecutor or defense attorney. I am the surviving daughter of murdered parents. My mother and father, A.J. and Patsy Cantrell were murdered in 2003 by Scott Eizember, who now sits on Oklahomas Death Row. I think that the fact that Oklahoma has to even consider "tweaking" it's lethal injection process is a horrible, tragic shame, and just another striking blow to the victim's family. After all of the pain my poor elderly parents went through before they finally died at his hands, it is heart breaking that the Supreme Court would even consider the pain that the killer would feel for a few seconds before he dies. (Die, as in death, the death penalty, we are "killing him", correct??). I guess I will never understand it. The victim never, ever has any rights, any voice. It is so very sad. I don't think any of you, in any area of the law ever realize that. And may I add, I work for the District Attorney in a small county in Oklahoma. I still continue to have faith in the system and pray that some day, one small voice may lead to some big change and give comfort to some small soul, in my lifetime.

Posted by: Debra Wyatt | Oct 3, 2006 2:06:46 PM

I am not a legal professional, student or teacher. I don't have the ability to help change a broken system. I just wanted to extend my condolences to you. In reading you message, it's hard not to feel your pain. I knew someone named Scott Eizember since elementary school. At that time he wasn't particularly "good" or "bad". He always tried to be one of the "cool kids". But, anyone who can treat humans with such object disregard is obviously evil in action, if not to the core of thier being. I didn't write this to "dis" him. I just wanted to tell you that I hope your suffering ends soon.

Posted by: Russ K. | Jan 14, 2007 5:12:33 PM

I dont know either of you, the victim's family nor the person who grew up with him. But i did kno Scott Eizember. His kids and his family. Because he was my uncle. I grew up around him. Im not sticking up for him, I pray for your family and the other victims, i have been trackng this case for years now.

Posted by: Angie | Oct 10, 2008 4:31:40 AM

Why is this vermin still breathing air? I am a professional but not a professor, student, or atty.

Posted by: Joe | May 11, 2009 10:22:07 PM

I grew up in Depew, OK and now live in Bristow. I slept for weeks with a shotgun handy my kids could not play outside! I also knew AJ and Patsy VERY well. I also know the Wright family VERY well. This man will not get another moment of fear from me! What is happening for him is between him and God now. I pray I can forgive him before I die. My children still have dreams about him coming after them. He terrorized the whole community for weeks. The things he had to say about the Cantrells just shows how much of a monster he is! I am a christian person and I put all my faith behind the death penatly! He never needs to be let out into public. I am sorry for his family I do have a heart. He not only took the parents from the Cantrells he took a son from his own parents. Please uphold the death penalty for my children!

Posted by: Melanie | Dec 30, 2009 4:18:27 PM

It is a sin that monsters like this are not put down 30 days after their conviction when there is absolutely no chance that they are innocent. My only dilemma is that I'm not sure which is worse, death, or solitary confinement with 1 hour a day out of their cage. If it were my family members that were killed, I think killing this monster would only satisfy me if I could personally kill him, for which I think family members should be offered this option! Furthermore, I believe the family who suffered from monsters such as this, should be able to pick the manner in which they are killed. Cyanide Gas, Hang, Electric Chair, Injection, or Firing Squad.

I'm a professional bussinessman. Not an Attorney.

Posted by: kcraig | Jun 3, 2011 1:00:48 AM

Hello. I am neither a professor, nor connected to the law in any way. I am just an average person who could potentially become a victim and who has children who could become victims.
I just want to know one thing. Why do these murdering monsters who KILL call the death "unconstitutional" and "inhumane"? So, basically, it was fine for THEM to inhumanely take someones life but not for their lives to be taken? What a bunch of wimpy whiners! I also find it amusing how they suddenly turn religious. These people do NOT commit cruel and heinous crimes against other human beings and then suddenly care! They get "God" ONLY because they THINK it might help with their appeals. I say, straight to hell with these evil things and to those who would defend them by crying about the death penalty being "inhumane", YOU can certainly follow them.
One last thing, I grew up in Garden City Michigan and knew Scott in passing and yes, he was a mean tempered individual. Hopefully, very soon, he will breathe his last breath for the evil and gutless crimes that he committed. What a wuss.

Posted by: Tami | Jul 10, 2011 9:53:03 PM

Oh, and NO! We SHOULDN'T namby-pamby these "THINGS". If they have to suffer a little bit, oh well. That's just the price for taking another human's life. They just need to quit whining, keep their mouths shut and accept their fate. You know, like men (or women if they get death)!

Posted by: Tami | Jul 10, 2011 9:58:50 PM

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