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September 25, 2006

Judges announced for en banc reasonableness fun in the Ninth Circuit

As detailed here and here, last month the Ninth Circuit granted rehearing en banc in two cases addressing reasonableness review after Booker.  The oral argument is scheduled for next Friday, and today the Ninth Circuit announced the judge to comprise the en banc court.  They are Judges Schroeder, Reinhardt, Kozinski, Rymer, Kleinfeld, Thomas, Silverman, Mckeown, Wardlaw, Gould, Paez, Berzon, Tallman, Bybee, Bea. 

Though I am not enough of a Ninth Circuit to assess fully which side this group is likely to favor, just seeing the names Reinhardt and Kozinski has me giddy with excitement.  To add to the excitement, I expect to be posting some of the briefs filed for this en banc action soon.  In the meantime, here are some recent related posts:

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Though maybe this is a point to be raised on Mr. Bashman's blog (except that he doesn't provide readers and opportunity to comment), isn't the fact that the Circuit has to select and announce an "en banc" panel support for splitting the Ninth Circuit?

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