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September 1, 2006

What sentence should former Illinois Gov Ryan receive?

This article discusses some sentencing arguments in play in the upcoming sentencing of former Illinois Governor George Ryan following his conviction earlier this year on various federal corruption charges.  Here are some details from the article:

George Ryan's lawyers urged a judge Thursday to give the former governor a break when she sentences him next week.... "The public shaming that Ryan has endured combined with the impending loss of his pension greatly lessens the need for the court to punish through the sentencing process," Ryan's lawyers said in court papers....  "Even a sentence of no more than 30 months could take away the last healthy years of his life," they said.  They said stress resulting from the case also represents a danger to his health....

Prosecutors haven't tipped their hand as to how much time they will ask Pallmeyer to impose on Ryan, but the court papers filed by his attorneys indicated the government may seek to boost the sentence above what might normally be called for under advisory federal sentencing guidelines.  Ryan's lawyers indicated that the pre-sentence report on Ryan given to the judge — which is not public record — contains possible recommendations of extra time for obstruction of justice and other alleged conduct.

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