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October 1, 2006

How will Foley's folly impact the sex offender panic?

I am not sure if I am amazed or even phased by the revelations that Republican Rep. Mark Foley had numerous improper contacts with congressional pages.  But I am puzzled when I try to figure out the implications of this latest congressional scandal for all the federal and state legislation and proposals purporting to get extra tough on sex offenders.

This CNN story details many of the latest interesting facets of this unfolding scandal:

Foley, a Republican from Florida, resigned Friday after his alleged e-mail exchanges with a teenage male page were made public, and the House voted to launch an investigation. Foley apologized to his family and his constituents.

Foley, who co-chaired the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus, did not mention the messages that brought him down. The six-term representative has pushed legislation to crack down on Internet child pornography and tighten tracking rules for sex offenders.

GOP sources told CNN that Foley's resignation was prompted in part by concerns that other potentially politically damaging e-mails or information might surface, including exchanges with other pages that were more graphic....

The Democratic National Committee issued a statement Saturday saying that at least one member of the Republican House leadership, Rep. Tom Reynolds of New York, had "known about the situation for months and did nothing about it." Reynolds chairs the National Republican Congressional Committee, the election campaign arm for House Republicans. Reynolds responded by saying that when Rep. Rodney Alexander, a Louisiana Republican, told him about the e-mails, he said the teen's parents didn't want the matter pursued.  Alexander was the boy's sponsor.

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I am positive psychology consultant and coach in California who is interested in the law. People in Texas have been feeding me documents about a Judge in Dallas that is giving kids to sex abusers. I have Bill of review, Motion to Recuse and an affidavit from an MD in Dallas that Judge Rankin hid his children. The Bill of Review documents the relationship between her assoc judge and opposing counsel's daughter (an attorney) who was arrested with him at 1:30 am for DUI.

I think this is going to be on CH 11 News in Dallas on Tuesday. They are interviewing Judge Rankin at noon, Dallas time. Today they interviewed Lynn Cherry (running against her in Nov elections) about her. Rankin misrepresented herself as a psychologist and the Board made her change her CV.

This is a cover up just like Foley. No one stops her, she goes unchecked. Rankin is a Bush appointee and a B.M. Rankin of Dallas is a major contributor to Rep Party and made his name and fame in oil in the 50's. Connection? I don't know. I just got latest document: evidence of national child abuse expert was not alllowed to jury. She concurs with Asst DA that child was abused. That testimony was not allowed either. Why is Rankin allowed to get away with this?

Posted by: Ann Bradley | Oct 3, 2006 3:18:30 AM

May 26, 2008. I have just read this article and as far as I know, I am not related to a Judge Rankin in Dallas, Texas, nor have I ever met or heard of him. I have nothing to dd with the court systems in Dallas. Please remove my name from the article.

Posted by: B M Rankin | May 26, 2008 4:46:27 PM

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