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October 22, 2006

More pre-game coverage of Skilling sentencing

As discussed recently here, Jeff Skilling is due to be sentenced in Houston on Monday.  Today, in both the traditional media and the blogosphere, there is a lot of pre-game analysis.  For some basics, check out coverage from the AP, from the Houston Chronicle, and from Reuters.  To dig deeper, check out coverage around the blogosphere.

Tom Kirkendall at Houston's Clear Thinkers here seeks to provide "an objective evaluation of Skilling's case as a counterbalance to what the mainstream media typically serves up."  Larry Ribstein at Ideoblog here discusses the "particular problem [of] the government's buying testimony with pleas."  In a similar vein, Ellen Podgor at White Collar Crime Prof Blog here explores "what happens to the accused's right to a jury trial when there is an enormous disparity between the sentence given to cooperators and that given to those who decide to go to trial."

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