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October 14, 2006

Uncovering lethal injection realities

Sarah Tofte, a researcher at Human Rights Watch and co-author of this recent HRW report on lethal injections in the US, has this notable commentary reacting to the evidence developed int he recent hearing concerning California's lethal injection practices.  Here is how it starts:

As a student of lethal injections in the United States, I assumed nothing any state official might say about such executions could shock me.  But I underestimated California's officials. Evidence uncovered during Michael Morales' constitutional challenge to the state's executions ... reveals an astonishing history of negligence, incompetence, and irresponsibility.

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Also, Missouri's protocol has again been ruled unconstitutional today:

"The Court declines to reconsider its September 12, 2006 Order. As the Court noted, although the State’s proposal was an improvement, there were still several areas which the Court finds do not meet constitutional standards. The State’s response does nothing to address these concerns and indicates its lack of willingness to even attempt to comply with the Court’s order. Therefore, the Court hereby DENIES the State’s Motion for Reconsideration (Doc. # 217) and restates is previous determination that the protocol proposed by the State of Missouri is unconstitutional because it subjects inmates to unreasonable risk of cruel and unusual punishment."

Available here.

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