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October 20, 2006

Was he afraid of lethal injection?

As detailed in this AP story, a "convicted killer facing lethal injection beat the executioner to it Thursday, committing suicide by slitting his throat and arm with a blade in his Texas death row cell 15 hours before he was supposed to die."  Though Michael Dewayne Johnson's chosen mens of death sounds pretty painful, I cannot help but speculate whether all the talk about possible pain and suffering from the lethal injection process might have influenced his chosen way out.

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No way it was about lethal injection. He was making a point about his own alleged wrongful conviction in the only manner available to him - he scrawled "I didn't do it" on the wall of his cell in his own blood.

This incident was about potentially executing innocents, IMO, not the merits of lethal injection.

"All the talk" about lethal injection seems important among the lawyers, I suppose, but to those on death row dead is dead.

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