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December 16, 2006

An interesting perspective on the lethal injection mess

I received an intriguing anonymous e-mail today about all the lethal injection happenings.  Seems like states with large death rows have at least one person to whom then can turn; here's the text:

Lethal injection cruel?  Excuse me but this is just balderdash and fuel to gather votes re $ and to keep $ into a prison system that does not work.  All my life and the previous generations of my family have abided in the laws local, federal and the constitution.  Cruel to inject a good feeling drug to a murderer who tortured his victim(s)!

I volunteer to be the exeuctioner nationwaide, just pay me and let me choose the method. Did the murdered choose to "drug" his victim cuz it might be unconstituional. Why treat vicious people any better than they deserve? Please America get over yr endless guilt. Sure you would like to be papmered if it happens to u. That's the reason for CHOICE. Murderers CHOOSE their methods and after the age 5 that is the way it is!!

I volunteer to be burdened with the nations guilt over execution of death role imates. I certainly will be a busy full time employee. Give me an email, I can start Monday and have 45 to 50 executions over and done before Christmas unless of course I could get Holiday pay and double overtime.  BE done with the sorrowful pity for the killings of a death row inmate.

I suspect that this anonymous e-mailer is not the only one who feels this way about all the lethal injection hub-bub.

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These lethal injection stays are garbage. These killers waited years. Too bad, I say.

Posted by: federalist | Dec 18, 2006 1:30:46 PM

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