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January 20, 2007

Coverage of Ohio reprieves

ODPI has this terrific round-up of media coverage of Ohio Governor Ted Strickland's decision late Friday to delay the executions of three Ohio inmates who were scheduled to receive lethal injections in January or February (basics here).  I am already wondering what the editorial pages will be saying on Sunday.

Capital Defense Weekly rightly wonders here how "the reprieves will impact the current lethal injection litigation in the Sixth Circuit."  Also, Kent at Crime & Consequences has this supportive comment:

Personally, I consider it a positive development that the governor makes it a point to not only consider the cases carefully but to demonstrate to the public that he is doing so.  He should take enough time to do that.  The time actually stated in the order is more than required in my opinion, but not excessively so.  I will reserve further judgment until I see how he actually decides the petitions, and on what basis.

Also, I see DPIC now has this great new page covering executive clemency in capital cases.

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