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February 25, 2007

Also wondering about defender caseloads

I think one of many reasons why sentencing doctrines are often under-developed is because overworked defense attorneys often have little time or energy to push overworked judges to explore fully various issues of sentencing law and procedure.  To indirectly assess this theory, I would like to see more answers to these questions being posed by Gideon at a public defender:

Caseloads: I know some of you readers work in states other than Connecticut, so I want to conduct an informal poll. What are your average caseloads?  How many cases do you carry at a time (on average) and how many cases a year (on average)?  This is an exercise purely for me, not for any publication. I just want to get an idea of what PDs in other states are carrying (actually if I have any CT readers, you can leave a comment too!).

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