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February 5, 2007

How is Florida's lethal injection commission doing?

As noted here, two months ago, after a troublesome lethal injection execution, then-Florida Governor Jeb Bush issued Executive Order 06-260 (available here), which imposed a moratorium on executions in Florida and created a state Commission on Administration of Lethal Injection.  The Commission is charged with reviewing the method in which lethal injection protocols are administered; this AP report discusses some of the testimony presented to the group in a hearing today in Florida.

Notably, Executive Order 06-260 provides that the Commission "shall submit its preliminary report of findings and recommendations to the Governor no later than February 1, 2007, and its final report of findings and recommendations by March 1, 2007."  To my knowledge, however, the Commission only had its first meeting on January 29, and it has not yet submitted any sort of report.

Is anyone following the work of this Commission closely?  Is the Commission likely to help Florida develop a sound execution protocol, or will its work ultimately end up as just one more piece of evidence in an inevitable habeas fight over whatever new procedures Florida might adopt?

UPDATE:   A reader sent me this helpful comment, "The Florida Commission's preliminary report has been delayed until Feb 15, but the final report is still due on Mar 1."  In addition, StandDown Texas Project now has this extended post covering "Florida LI Panel at Work & Reverberations."

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