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March 14, 2007

A Republican call for AG Gonzales to be fired

As detailed in this CNN article, "Senator John Sununu of New Hampshire on Wednesday became the first Republican lawmaker to call for Gonzales' resignation."  Here are highlights from the Senator's official press release:

During the next two years, our nation must address critical questions affecting the investigation, pursuit, and prosecution of terrorism at home and abroad.  In this effort, we must have a strong, credible Attorney General who holds the confidence of Congress and the American people.

I do not believe Alberto Gonzales can fill that role.  The President should fire the Attorney General and replace him as soon as possible with someone who can provide strong, aggressive leadership prosecuting the war on terrorism, running the Department of Justice, and working with the President and Congress on important homeland security matters.

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UPDATE:  The New York Times has this new article providing valuable perspective on whether AG Gonzales remains too closely connected with the Bush White House.

Also, this USA Today article on these matters ends with this bemusing passage:

Now Gonzales, amid calls for his resignation by many Democrats and even a Republican senator, John Sununu of New Hampshire, has said he has no plans to leave his post.  He has stepped up appearances on television and vowed to make Justice more accountable.

President Bush has expressed support for Gonzales, but even some of the attorney general's closest allies are worried about fallout from the firings. "I have known (Gonzales) for a long time … and I'm concerned," said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. "The appearances are troubling. The executive branch owes it to Congress to be forthcoming when Congress asks for information and this has not been handled well. But in Texas we believe in having a fair trial and then we have the hanging.  We don't have the hanging first and then have the fair trial later."

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