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March 15, 2007

California sentencing commission proposal moving forward

As detailed in this Sacramento Bee article, proposals to create a sentencing commission in California are moving forward, but still face considerable political obstacles:

Democrats in the state Senate filled in the blanks Wednesday on their version of a sentencing commission by proposing a panel with the power to set prison terms that could be amended only by a two-thirds vote of the Legislature. 

The Senate Democrats' take on a sentencing commission differs markedly from the one offered by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in his 2007-08 budget. Rather than adjusting the length of terms, the Republican governor's commission would only make recommendations on sentencing policy and devote its first year of research to the state's much-criticized parole system.

Jointly written by state Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata of Oakland and Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero of Los Angeles, Senate Bill 110 proposes the creation of a 20-member commission that would include the chief justice of the state Supreme Court, the attorney general, the corrections secretary and an assortment of judges, a prosecutor, a public defender, an inmate rights lawyer and others selected by the Legislature and the governor....

SB 110 came in for early criticism Wednesday from Republican Assemblyman Todd Spitzer of Orange, the criminal justice point man for his caucus.  "There's not one Republican, and I would be surprised if there were many Democrats who are not soft on crime who would vote for that bill," Spitzer said.  Republicans have criticized the sentencing commission concept as taking authority away from the Legislature and for possibly paving the way for some inmates to get out of prison early.

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I am a wife of an inmate doing 3 years for a non violant crime. he lost some good time for being falsely accused and I am looking to see of the SB110 has gone threw and passed because if it has then he should be eligable for the good time that was lost and he can come back home to by little girl. if you have any info then please get back to me.

Posted by: Mrs. Christina Silveira | Mar 17, 2008 12:04:27 AM

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