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March 20, 2007

E-mails, politics, coups and the need for new leaders

Aided by the disclosure of 3000 e-mails (coverage here), there is so much more grist for the mill in the seemingly endless prosecutor purge story.  Of course, as I have indicated here and here, I am less intrigued by all the obvious politics surrounding this story than by the possible real-world fall-out in the day-to-day operation of the federal criminal justice system. 

Of course, I am interested to discover some of the intriguing buzz that "it is becoming increasingly clear that Department of Justice insiders have been using the controversy to perpetrate what some Bush Administration loyalists are calling a 'coup'" in order to take down AG Alberto Gonzales.  Of course, that buzz says Deputy AG Paul McNulty is behind the coup, while other buzz has both Gonzales and McNulty soon resigning.

I would be eager to hear reader predictions on how this will play out, especially now that, as the AP reports, President Bush is supporting old pal Gonzales.  My hope is that we might get a whole new set of leaders at the Justice Department, and ideally folks with some judicial branch experience.

Indeed, here's an idea: how about USSC chair Ricardo Hinojosa for Attorney General and USSC vice chair John Steer for Deputy AG?  Not only would they bring a fresh perspective to DOJ, but this could produce a needed post-Booker shake-up at the USSC, too.

UPDATE:  Thanks to How Appealing, I've just seen this interesting new piece from The Nation entitled, "The Porn Plot Against Prosecutors."  I just knew that porn had to be behind all of this.

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How about Pat Fitzgerald for AG, and Rove and Cheney get charged with treason?

Posted by: smiley | Mar 22, 2007 11:40:08 AM

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