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April 17, 2007

Using technocorrections to combat DUI

This story from Arizona provides another example of a technocorrections proposal in the works:

In a move welcomed by advocates for tougher laws against drunken driving, Arizona legislators are moving toward requiring DUI offenders to use ignition interlocks for at least a year when resuming driving after first convictions.

The House is poised to vote on a DUI sentencing bill recently amended to add a requirement that convicted DUI offenders equip their vehicles with the breath-test devices to analyze a person's blood-alcohol content.  The ignition interlock system will not allow a vehicle's ignition to operate if the person's alcohol content is above a certain limit....

If the requirement for first-time DUI offenders is enacted, Arizona would be following the lead of New Mexico. That state adopted a similar mandate in 2005.  Arizona already requires that some DUI offenders use ignition interlocks when their driving privileges are restored but not for first offenders of regular DUI....  Cost for the devices, typically $120 for installation and $60-$70 a month for monitoring, would be borne by offenders.

I have heard various stories about the efficacy of ignition interlocks.  Readers familiar with the technology are encouraged to reports on their experiences and perspectives in the comments.

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