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May 26, 2007

Are microchip implants for offenders inevitable?

Among lots and lots of good new stuff at Corrections Sentencing is a link to this AP story from Oklahoma:

Legislation that would authorize microchip implants in people convicted of violent crimes was sent back to a committee yesterday.  This after state House members questioned whether the proposal would violate constitutional civil liberties. 

The measure, approved by the Senate, authorizes microchip implants for persons convicted of one or more of 19 violent offenses who have to serve at least 85 percent of their sentence.  The tiny electronic implants are commonly used to keep track of pets and livestock, but several House members questioned whether their forced use in people would be unconstitutionally invasive.

As highlighted in this article, a West Palm Beach Alzheimer's care center is talking about placing microchips into its patients; and this article notes that a "deputy with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has been implanted with a microchip that will give emergency doctors access to his medical information." 

I would wager it is only a matter of time before these kinds of technocorrections really take off.

UPDATE:  A very helpful reader pointed me to this on-point recent article in one of Ohio State's own journals about human tracking technology.  The article is by William Herbert and is entitled "No Direction Home: Will The Law Keep Pace With Human Tracking Technology to Protect Individual Privacy and Stop Geoslavery?"  Here is the abstract:

Increasingly, public and private employers are utilizing human tracking devices to monitor employee movement and conduct.  Due to the propensity of American labor law to give greater weight to employer property interests over most employee privacy expectations, there are currently few limitations on the use of human tracking in employment.  The scope and nature of current legal principles regarding individual privacy are not sufficient to respond to the rapid development and use of human tracking technology.  The academic use of the phrase geoslavery to describe the abusive use of such technology underscores its power.  This article examines the use of such technology under current federal and state law and suggests potential means for developing greater legal protections against the abusive use of the technology and the intrusion into personal privacy.

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For future offenders, wouldn't an agreement by the offender to have one of these implanted in him in exchange for good time credit or as part of a plea deal get the job done?

Posted by: federalist | May 26, 2007 7:07:25 PM

Before we guess too much about this, I hope the legislature considers the potential physical risks and dangers chips pose, for example, in the context of MRI examinations. And just what is the range of detection such devices present? For example, the deputy sheriff's micro-chip does not enable him to be tracked.

Posted by: cid | May 26, 2007 8:29:42 PM

It would be a cold day in hell before I wore one of those things. Does "Mark of the Beast" come to mind? I know, I may be paranoid, but I wouldn't want it.

Posted by: ZMan | May 26, 2007 8:48:10 PM

Have we no limits? This is a per se unreasonable seizure. Put differently, this is flat-out un-American.

Posted by: rothmatisseko | May 27, 2007 1:42:43 AM

I am a innocent victim of geoslavery. I trusted and dated someone who had access to the microchip and used it on me. It doesn't show up on MRI. It's more than just tracking, it can inflict pain. Nothing I've tried (Doctors and Medicine)so far has worked and it's now been 10 yrs. I wish there was something I could do about having mine confirmed and removed or compensated. HELP

Posted by: Valerie | Aug 2, 2007 10:09:43 AM

i have a chip in me placed there by st.paul mn police dept in alliance with other federal agency.

Posted by: aaron ott | Jun 16, 2008 11:45:09 AM

if the chip is in the ear preasure as in the kind you get from taking a trip on a plane will dislodge it as my did now its my turn to torture them.

Posted by: aaron ott | Jun 16, 2008 11:50:05 AM

i need too help some people and be helped here is my email address aaronott517@yahoo.com

Posted by: aaronott517@yahoo.com | Jun 16, 2008 11:52:37 AM

Im 31 years old from the philippines im really upset and i fear that i may have a micro chip implanted inside my body unconsciously..where do i have to go,?.for 8 years i feel something different that people are tracking me..at first i thought it was just a paranoya thing but when i tried to research in the internet about that microchip thing i beleive i have one. i dont know how but unconsciously i guess i was implanted.could that be possible? how could you help me? where do i have to go? i already have the mark of the beast and im really scared...

Posted by: Renelene Napiza | Oct 30, 2008 6:21:31 PM

I guess im really a victim of circumstances.... I guess i was implanted with a microchip unconsciously i had a lot of things in the past and im always trying to remember each detail that i went through before.it felt like a true disaster and disappointment.I tried to research from the internet about thie microchips because i beleive i have one.for 8 years im experiencing a lot of things, things that are really unusual.sometimes when i come to realized things a lot of questions un answered
how could i have the mark of the beast.I lost everything!!! my face, my privacy, my rights
and especially my life...im so so scared for my children and my whole family i really dont know what to do, i really want to stop this things that are really bugging me for a long time..sometimes i feel like its better for me to die than to have this thing and to let people
invade my own privacy.NO LIFE AT ALL I GUESS IM SO MISERABLE.... HELP!!!!!!

Posted by: Renelene N | Oct 30, 2008 6:29:55 PM

I have a Microchip in my ear. I have had it for three year now. I am virbally tortured, electronically shocked and for every second of the the day emotionally tormented. I'm fighting for my rights and my life. HELP!!!!

Posted by: Melissa | Jan 7, 2009 1:39:15 AM

The government wants to control humans like cattle. Who would prevent them from rounding up all people with mental illness or who are old and exterminating them like Hitler did. IBM made the machines that hitler used to tag Jews and scheduled how long they can be worked for before killing them. Say no to microchips - information is power, microchipping would mean you would be giving up all your information. How many people in government can use it against you. Imagine you have someone that doesnt like you. They can change your data and screw your life...

Posted by: tdhsome | Jan 17, 2009 5:53:29 PM

do not worry those of you who were implanted with a microchip unconsciously. It is not like you chose that to happen. Plus i do not think that the mark of the beast has come yet. Have millions of people disappeared from the earth? did those people happen to be Christians? (and not the phony kind the actual born again kind) WEll then i think you should stop worrying. My advice is not to get a microchip implanted in you because you never know it could be dormant, but i am sure they can remove it or you could yourself if you are that worried. And i think your doctor can tell you if you have one or not.

Posted by: dianeross | Apr 17, 2009 8:26:28 PM

I've been implanted with a RIFD Microchip in the top part of my ear. Two of them one is a GPS. You can see the formation of the two chips. I've seen doctors after doctors, even an MRI, which shows them.
My life has been torn apart for the last 3 1/2 years with torture. through this microchip, they say they are the FBI doing an experimental project. I went from a successfull person and an 18 year marriage to nothing left. If it is the FBI, they are trying to make me look crazy (mentally Ill). any suggestions? Please help!


Posted by: Melissa | Aug 2, 2009 2:50:37 AM

I am now being told that I have to be murdered (that I don't deserve to live) due to the evidence that I have collected. Through this espionage of my life that has been done to my by a microchip injected into my right ear. The torture still continues along with radiation everyday. This is Federal agents that have done this to me. I am an innocent individual never been convicted of a crime and is being inhumanly tortured. I once had a successful job and full of friends and family. I am being forced to give up working stay away from friends and my family is scared that I will never recover due to this costume of mental illness that these criminals make me out to look like. The things that these sick people have made me do and become need to be placed in prison. If anyone has any evidence such as I have please email me at juddandmel@comcast.net we can colaborate together. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED! Everyone check your computer systems, run log events from your anti virus system. They have remotely controlled my computer and tapped into my DSL line.

Lets put these freaks in prison "NOW!"
Melissa K. Smith
Hugo, Minnesota

Posted by: Melissa | Sep 21, 2009 6:56:38 PM

I've been being openly tracked without consent or knowledge since roughly 2002....i am not sure where the microchip is but i have read that they are undetectable. When i goto the ments hospitals they tell me lies and blame it on drug usage. THE MICROCHIPS ARE REAL....and they are in ur body...

Posted by: John Law | Oct 12, 2009 10:31:40 PM

I believe that if you have been convicted of a crime such as rape or child molestation. That they be monitered at all times of there where abouts. Microchipping in these indivisuals that do these crimes , should have no rights at all. If the judicial system lets them out , then we the people have a right to know , where they are at all times. For the sake of our children.

Posted by: mom | Mar 4, 2010 12:26:07 PM

There is no microchip technology available today that will allow someone to be actively tracked 24/7. This would require a device far beyond the physical size and power requirements that could be supported in a implantable microchip application. People may have indeed been "chipped" but that chip could only be read by a proximity reader and/or an RFID reader in a doorway, there definitely is nothing even on the horizon that would be able to receive GPS signals and actively transmit location data of the person in real time. That device is purely science fiction at this point.

Posted by: RM | Mar 6, 2010 8:02:41 PM

I have been microchipped without my knowledge under the patriot act (against non-terrorrist suspects). I know I am innocent, however, the jury would have to believe I am innocent. Anyone knows if the FBI keeps on torturing using the microchips implanted in my body after they arrest me? In other words, does the patriot act continue to be applied after the arrest?
will a new law govern the manipulation of the microchips after the arrest? or in case of a worst case scenario, will a new law govern the manipulation of the microchips after a conviction?

Posted by: david karkour | May 12, 2010 10:29:41 PM

Hey do you know how someone can find out if they were secretively chipped?

Posted by: russell | Oct 12, 2010 1:26:38 PM

Does anyone know how someone can find out for sure if they have been secretively chipped in the mouth while taking out a tooth and how to find out? e-mail me @ russellprescott@ymail.com,THANKS!Please REPLY SOON!

Posted by: russell | Oct 12, 2010 1:29:08 PM

Please e-mail me everyday until I get the e-mail. I need legal representation to extract microchips from my mouth and to litigate what I have coming to me and my family for all this unnessisary pain they caused me.

Posted by: Russell | Nov 22, 2010 2:09:42 PM


Posted by: russell | Apr 20, 2011 1:49:30 PM

I am a victim of an assault and batter,y bodily invasion at the top of my head which shows up in x-rays that state 'trauma to the top of the skull, frontal bone, chronic.' This was intentional to harm me in the future and a violation to my privacy. My harassers are able to see everything I think, everything, and they see, hear, etc. everything I do in real time. It's total terrorism and threats of abduction and eternal life of pain and suffering. They threaten they are going to hurt me a lot and make me suffer, and then they are going to do it to my daughter. They've shown me that they STAGED my mother's death in 1988 and have been torturing her underground ever since, not letting her die, then they murder her and bring her back to life only to torture her some more. I'm also aware that they have my Uncle torturing him too, but put an impostor in his place above ground. They've also told me that my cousin is down there too, and when I thought about it, I realized they'd STAGED his death too because he fell off a cliff in taiwan, it was said that he died but actually he was missing because they never found the body. Underground these villians are using people as torture slaves and money generator slaves. I have to be very careful to not allow them to do that to me.

Posted by: Debbie | Aug 17, 2011 3:07:39 AM

This technology is being used to spy on the minds of financial investors to rob the world. Our economic crisis has been a PLAN by insurgents who wrote the Bible. The Book of Revelations is a PREMEDITATED CRIME, not a prophecy. There is no such thing as a prophecy and God. God is Evil man with a PLAN to rob the world, which is causing our economic world crisis. Revelations is an EXTORTION and TREASON CRIME which uses this Mind Control Technology. Think about it, the 'Mark of the Beast', the 'End of Times', and the 'New World Order.'

Posted by: Debbie | Aug 21, 2011 2:05:44 AM

I believe that once someone is named a dangerous offender or a repeat offender then you have given up your freedom and i believe people like that should be tracked. I am constantly seeing Amber Alerts for Abducted children by sex offenders. if the offender is micro chipped then we can just GPS them and save a child. if you wish not to be chipped then don't abduct people.

Posted by: Allis | Sep 11, 2011 3:23:49 AM

we do not have the technology to do the things being spoke of here. what seems most likely to me is that there are positive symptoms of schizophrenia. non passive implants require a battery. compare an rf chip size to that of a pace maker and you get the point. pace makers are not computer chips with antennae wires. this brings the size up even more. if you want two way interaction at the level considered in some of these threads, they would have to sew a large backpack to you-when do they change the battery? the hardest part of gaining control over the voices in your head is recognizing the delusion for what it is. I know it is hard because it is real to those afflicted by it. trust me, i know.

Posted by: dave | Dec 24, 2013 4:07:10 PM

this technology seems to be more of a political move than a practical move. what actual function can it have. the device does not find the individual. will police have to carry an rf tag reader with them too now? and then what real purpose would that serve if they are already in the system. will target scan every shopper for a tag? if a murderer or sex offender commits another crime, the tag is nothing more than propaganda. it can only be useful for transactions in which it is involved. in the case of criminals, a probation officer might scan the individual on every visit into a database that notifies authorities when the said individuals do not report on time. but the officer is much more reliable because he or she can make a personal assessment in real time and take preventative measures even before the time that the tag data becomes useful. it is my perception that technology that is deemed useful in one area filters out to other areas. it seems to be a slow handed move toward integrating a larger group of people. you can cook your goose alive if you slowly bring it to a boil. our rights are getting warmer people.

Posted by: dave | Dec 24, 2013 4:38:08 PM

There is a Communications type cell phone "SPY" Implant Scam(?)going on in Wisconsin and it's heard these implants are not "Home security or NASA/Military/Police or psychiatrist assisted or acknowledged with permission of family or their attorney or doctor...and not satellite or military monitored for authorized purposes and maybe stolen or being put in by "copy cats" thus being used illegally even without top authority even knowing!...like phones and cell phones are for solicitations or safety reasons......The Situation rumor is in Wisconsin. They are saying some people are being implanted deliberately and harassed as a dangerous person or offender person without any type of past conviction or law case there of! People are starting to be frightened about the implant situation for authorization type situation.. meaning implants could be getting get into terroristic(?) person hands unknown or gangs type activities or for "revenge" and not by any law assisted or known by top authorities' system! situations! Please be aware of this for falsified situations that could accrue because of this rumored situation!

Posted by: Diane | Feb 11, 2017 11:50:21 AM

Electronic Harassment!.. Mind, internet or phone implant is not a rumor or is fake and you are not crazy anymore!.... People now know and figured out everything about almost all the implants on the market, even law enforcement implants because universities and internet is showing them everything about these signals making devices...and they are selling everything in web police surveillance stores to do the harassment, it's dental implants cell phone type set ups without on and off bottom, you just have the internal part! Then the person acts as a impersonator through a voice set up implant or the mind reading device, this does not include that of "authorized personnel" like real police or military, prison situation or psychiatrist situations or higher authorities' or even FBI ...it's the criminal hacker who knows how to use it for harassment and blocking your life with faked accusations, intimidations and vocal coaxing to hurt you or make you feel otherwise worthless and no one on the outside can ever hear this because it is a inside internal reversed Ear drum set up... phone reciprocator ...with false imprisonment of you!

Posted by: frannier | Feb 17, 2017 10:27:29 AM

I was microchipped by boyfriend and his friends about4 years ago. Sence then they have attached it to audio base station and playing it 24 hours 7 days a week. There are times I can't hardly stay in my own body. I cry beg and plead for them to stop and all they do is laugh and say no. They also have movie production camera contact lens inmyeyes So They see everything. Like personal papers etc. They have taken my inherantance money along with every thing. I have no home ca8r and barley anyclothes left. They don't care they laugh. I sent there something I can do? Is there any special agency I can contact to have undecided andp eyes taken out. Please help. Lesa

Posted by: Lesa Morale | Jul 5, 2018 12:16:29 AM

Have talked to the "Better Business Division for products being sold all over the world?? or National health Institute for allergies and Infectious disease ( fro your own health and well being and you have that right1)for sterility and cross infections when using them illegally U.S. Department of Health for ALL no matter what they are used for and where in the body... questions??" they are suppose to be protecting people and listing ALL of these implants so people know what is legal and not legal and if they are harmful, and who can and whom can't use and how to use them properly ..... and for what purpose!?>Is this the answer?
You can find a lot of answers in the "Internet Yellow Pages internet guides!!" web pages telephone book!

Posted by: daee | Jul 7, 2018 10:29:43 AM

A neighbor said he was over heard saying he was intentionally. deliberately with a "hired gun" implanter and they don't care if it kills her.. a lady... because they claim she is not like everyone else, mixed nationality and does not ride a ATV... and they don't like her in the area or the job she works that she's has been for years and they went in her home took parts OUT of the computer for I P. number and other information..entering her house illegally... her computer and some cloths and made a virtual edited body shots being shown around on their camera and using her IP to make notes all over the internet hoping cops will arrest her....to ruin her life and saying she is a sex offender but they pull their pants down and show their body parts all the time and she reported it and cops say ignore this! They got the implants either from a dropping form a plane ( Looked like a terrorist activity!)item and one was seen doing something like that and or from a person who works at a prison and now they are making plans to kill all her pets burn home down and even ruin her job and t all the people who work there also! So this should be ignored! or is this a criminal act you should know right? They also claim she is on a gang watch an stalking and elimination later list! Scary hey! and they run ATVs and other people have had similar stuff happen to them and it is ignored almost totally in Central Wisconsin and tis is not right!

Posted by: Dee | Aug 11, 2018 9:13:03 PM

Unknown person over by Central Wisconsin said he has nasty friends... who are not even cops... can get voice communication implants anywhere...even over seas.. and implant during a followed persons surgical case..most be doctors or impersonator copy cats.. witch ever one?... anyone they don't like call them a sex offender, Pedi file or Dangerous for revenge, stalk them for ever and follow their every movement like police do and even control them with thoughts! They do it over the law and court, play GOD and cop... and they say they don't give a crap they can manipulate anyone they want... Is this true ANYONE GO OVER THE LAWS AND COURTS HEADS label and even take control of someone without cause ANYTIME THEY WANT? Can FBI please put something about the laws on that issue or news report in the paper about illegal implanting with other implants non medical or police/Court authorized ...so people can know the consequences for hurting a victim who don't deserve this assault~?

Posted by: dee | Dec 19, 2019 11:15:37 PM

What is the law regarding micro chipping a prisoner before release on bail and mentally harassing them with Vile comments all day everyday, with talking to them through their ears and trying to force them to spy on people and trying to make them give permission for the harassment by saying it's acting when it isn't and trying to get them to say they signed a consent form, and making them feel pain,and shaking, even talking to them in the toilet ànd bathroom

Posted by: Lisa | Jan 8, 2020 4:58:16 PM

Anyone else Notice the "look a-likes" 10 most wanted people over by Clark, County, Wisconsin? It's kind of scary knowing we have look a likes, but they probably are not, but I think people should be know about it and what if they mix with your family to get away from law? Meaning: They could take the place of your family, even mix with Amish person's without you even knowing! I notice these look a-likes over near the Wisconsin forest areas! Seeing we have all the problems down south with weather related, earthquakes and simonies breaking down the land and disasters damage situation they might be taking refuge in Wisconsin in the big woods! You nave know! People have seen look alike everywhere and in news papers like crazy, I think the individual gene pool has come to an end and twinning is more apparent more then ever!

Posted by: Diane | Apr 18, 2020 2:24:36 PM

My son believes that microchip has been put in his temple area since 2008 it makes him sick all the time it started when he was using meth for avery short time in his life, he had past out and when he awoke there was an unexplained geen dot on his temple area it atarted with people following him and suffered wit some paranoi over it, but that left and now for years and hasnot taken any sort of meth it seem that someone is controlling his body with constant stomach and breathing difficuties he is unable recently to even to have visitations with his small children witout having these attacks he has been keeping his job but it is getting harder and harder for him to do, it starts out eveey mornig with him throwing up and on his worse days up to 12 times a day he yells some times, rolls his eyes and makes gut wretching sounds, but is oterwise a saine and conscious person it has now come to a point where enen though he tells me he would never kill himself he refers to himself as a dead man walking. It has a couple of times gone away but it has been over three years now and he is losing hope, PLEASE HELP US!

Posted by: Matthew | Jun 15, 2020 11:32:51 PM

What a great idea Microchips for Criminals? If that would really work? It does not work. Micro Chipping is happening to innocent citizens. You all have been warned now. You way want to avoid your dentist or ask him/her before if him/her has been tapped to put Microchips in patients? I believe all peoples involved in this process are threatened it will be done to them so they do not whistle blow because if they did it would cause major chaos and defamation lawsuits, prison sentences, massive civil lawsuits, etc. I have extensive knowledge with microchips and electronics. If you feel your being attacked with LOW frequency. Then study Faraday cages and block the frequency. Also, you may want to crack open the King James version of the the Bible. I have studied biblical scripture for the better part of my life and found that these cowards do not stand a chance against the power of the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I have been sending these cowards attacks back to them for years in the name of Jesus. They are Godless, gutless, gutter ridden cowards who do this to people. They are the sickest of the sick and someday will be brought to justice. They do not realize in their false world that Father Time will catch up to them and GODS JUSTICE will have its time soon. This is NO JOKE and their fun will soon be over.

Posted by: Nick Paul | Oct 28, 2020 7:55:49 AM

Asking the law or court this question!
What should a person do about a possible malicious situation?
Someone puts an implant in you by mistake... or someone went over police and the law and the court judge's heads to make you a criminal without them even knowing in your own neighborhood to block your life and ruin your whole life!? You kind of figured out you have been maybe viscously infiltrated in a malicious by a stranger not form your own family! in a possible like revenge or something like tagging you to monitor you, even stalk with friends.. by a criminals own doing mocking police doing surveillance on you after they hiring someone to implant you during an operation or dental operation without any law involved!? and now your being monitored deliebetarly, called a mental retard saying your going to a mental institution, your a offender and a ^&%$! and you don't deserve anything anymore ...thus being treated like a prisoner, threatened daily and you have done nothing to deserve what they did to you!
I read this is happening and what if it happens to someone's family.. How do you handle that?

Posted by: diainne | Dec 3, 2020 5:14:26 PM

Unknown Person was over heard saying: His group stalks and harasses people deliebetarly if they are not welcomed in their area and they hire their friend... implanters(using words and property damage activities!?) to wreck anything in their lives and those people are not sex offenders or prisoners that have been let go.. but are trying to live their lives to better themselves! His groups will mock police and therapy people and physiatrist and do this to people they feel go against their way of thinking, dressing, acting or have a different way of home life, they punish or try to change or force what is like mocking white washing or brain washing scare tactics activities and will say they spoke to cops so you can't do anything about their tactics!.. and this is making life dangerous for everyone even those who are tiring to better themselves!
they are mocking your implant surveillance technology! Mocking/tampering/mental and bating voiced and non-vocal activities has gone secretive now! mocking implanting activities! I think this what might be something of that nature? Scare tactic... thoughts!

Posted by: Diane | Jan 20, 2021 11:57:42 AM

Law better put a watch list on those mean and women implants and dental or hidden ones...card holder user such thing and signature of all permission to put in your body.... and keep a record in both their records of user and the doctor implanting... for personal use, lots of people over hearing young people say they did or will higher their rich family or friends to put those implants in the men or women they don't like as a revenge hidden sex abuse tool! and then they caliem it's a military or experimental situation!it might be revenge and fraud set up!

Posted by: dianne | Nov 4, 2021 4:54:25 PM

Law better put a watch list on those mean and women implants and dental or hidden ones...card holder user such thing and signature of all permission to put in your body.... and keep a record in both their records of user and the doctor implanting... for personal use, lots of people over hearing young people say they did or will higher their rich family or friends to put those implants in the men or women they don't like as a revenge hidden sex abuse tool! and then they caliem it's a military or experimental situation!it might be revenge and fraud set up!

Posted by: dianne | Nov 4, 2021 4:54:26 PM

my name is promise' and i would like to get to know anyone that has info about this type of technology
this was intentional and without consent. please reach out to me if you have any info or know a lawyer that will take a case like this. you can reach us at480-604=1311 her email has been compromised and there are some amendments violated. there is also some torchering going on. please contact

Posted by: promise' | Mar 9, 2022 4:03:42 PM

And what would happen if somone intentionnally implanted a person a sex offender or put them on prison type home made got you and you bettetr listen to what i say......implants or useing cell phone like telepthy to tuant and imprison or make them thier own listed dangerous person... NO lawyer, court case or police or even a jugdges peremsiion!?to ruin thier life out of revenege, hate or nationality/color hate or hopefully get them to lose thier job or meanest or to get rid of them by hopefully cuaseing a forced suicide or to make you look carzy you hear voices well put a cell phone implant in you and you will no one else will.... oh and use verble assultive anything language..............! Those smarty pants electric hareassers think they got you right where they want you! Thier mocking law, phycologist and prisons!

Posted by: diane | Apr 6, 2022 10:45:54 PM

Believe it or not I do have a microchip that was put up my nose while I was sleeping by an ignorant person that had no idea what he was doing to me. Yes it has been toucher. People talking to me and not always so nicely. Sever pain circling my face, feeling of being strangled, electricity torchoring me for months now. They can have complete control over well my entire body down to making me say things of the wall and act in ways I don't usually act. Help...

Posted by: Tricia Lucas | Jun 27, 2022 3:01:16 AM

I have microchips I planted in my ears by
Lamar county sheriff department. Can anyone help. They constantly torture me. They make stories about my family being in trouble or that my partner is cheating.
It's truly the mark ok the beast.

Posted by: Keith smith | Jul 3, 2022 11:31:02 PM

Seriously once again. This is no joke. The problem I'm having is getting the hospitals and doctors to give me a simple xray... To get this thing out of my nose OK. People have no idea what this microchip can do to people. The first thought the er doctor had was omg. She was probably sexually assaulted... But I was not. Someone qih a mental illness wasnt thinking again about what would happen if he stuck this thing up my nose and the second microchip in a broken tooth. The one I. The tooth fell out... The other one torchoring me cause someone convince someone to do this to me. I need it out so I can move on and deal with the person torchoring me with it and avoid a problem with the one who stuck it in my nose. Cause that was unintentional on his part. But the person actually torchoring me is totally Intentional. Yes well aware he cab see this.

Posted by: Tricia L Lucas | Aug 20, 2022 11:43:48 AM

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