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May 27, 2007

Reentry job for Dr. Death: lethal injection consultant

311xinlinegallery As detailed in this interesting AP article, Dr. Jack Kevorkian is scheduled to be released from state prison in a few days after having served more than eight years of a 10-25 year sentence for aiding in the death of a Michigan man.  One notable part of the story concerns the Michigan's interest in keeping "Dr. Death" from profiting unduly from his criminal activities:

The state wants to go after money that Kevorkian makes following his release to help cover the cost of his incarceration.  Morganroth has said his client has been offered as much as $100,000 to speak.  Many of those speeches are expected to be on assisted suicide.

It is interesting to consider whether Michigan should be able claim some or all of the monies that Kevorkian could be making on the lecture circuit.  If Dr. Death was smart, he'd try to work out a deal to have monies go to end-of-life pain-management research.

And, speaking of end-of-life pain-management research, I wonder if any jurisdictions struggling with their lethal injection protocols might have the guts to reach out to seek Kevorkian's help on how best to seek a pain-free death for condemned prisoners.  (Interestingly, this Wikepedia entry on Kevorkian indicates that a "paper he presented in December 1958 that advocated consensual experiments on convicts during executions led the University of Michigan to ask him to terminate his residency.")

I believe that California, Missouri, North Carolina and maybe a few other states are still looking for a doctor willing to help significantly with lethal injection protocols.  Dr. Jack Kevorkian is surely has more experience in this field than anyone else.  I wonder what he might charge for his services.

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I beleive that doctors are supposed to help people to have less pain in all circumstances ( person in Jail feel guilty about what he have done and want to die pain free)
I do not understand the conflict very well but I am an MD willing as long as I will not get harmed

Posted by: Ali | Nov 30, 2008 3:46:50 AM

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