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June 10, 2007

Are juve sex offenses on the rise? If so, how should the law respond?

This AP article suggests a worrisome trend in sex offenses, although the data reported is certainly subject to debate.  Here are the basics from the story:

Courts have seen the number of sex offense cases involving juvenile offenders rise dramatically in recent years, an Associated Press review of national statistics found, and treatment professionals say the offenders are getting younger and the crimes more violent.

Some psychologists blame the increase in numbers -- 40 percent over two decades -- on a society saturated with sex and violence and the fact that many of the accused were themselves victims of adult sexual predators. Others say there aren't more children committing such crimes, simply more awareness, better reporting and a general hysteria about sex offenders.

"I don't think it's appropriate to suggest we have whole schools full of sexual predators ... but we're seeing more of it and more sexually aggressive acts," said Scott Poland, past president of the National Association of School Psychologists. "How do these kids even know about this? It's permeated throughout our society."

Robert Prentky, a psychologist and nationally renowned expert on sex offenders in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, thinks the statistics are misleading.  "There aren't more kids, there are more laws," he said. "We now have fairly draconian laws with very harsh sanctions that apply to juveniles."

The number of children under 18 accused of forcible rape, violent and nonviolent sex offenses rose from 24,100 in 1985 to 33,800 in 2004, the AP's analysis found.  Violent offenses include attempted rape and sexual assault, while nonviolent offenses including fondling, statutory rape and prostitution.

A debate over what the data means is interesting, though I am even more intrigued by the question of how should sentencing law respond.  Sentences for sex offenses and for juvenile offenders have increased dramatically over the past two decades, so I am not sure we can get much tougher.  Perhaps, as the AP article suggests, the response to this data has to be a great emphasis and research on treatment options, especially because it is clear that those who suffer abuse are at great risk of becoming future offenders.

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The AP article was pretty useless. My experience is that it is very difficult to obtain data on juvenile offenders and what data that is available is incomplete. It would be very difficult to provide convincing proof that a change has occurred.

It would be a good idea to determine if a problem exits before seeking a solution. If the first place what do we mean by "juvenile sex offender"?

Posted by: John Neff | Jun 10, 2007 1:32:51 PM

I've generally found that whenever experts or interest groups start pointing to a "rising trend" in crime (or other wrong behavior), they have inevitably lumped together both serious offenses and far more minor offenses.

The serious offenses are relatively unlikely to experience a change in reporting habits in a relatively short time period. Thus, if the number of violent offenses reported were to rise, that probably indicates an actual rise in offenses, not simply an increase in reporting. However, less serious offenses like fondling and statutory rape can and do get reported more or less depending on the prevailing culture attitudes towards those offenses.

In the past, a 22 year old having sex with a 16 year old would probably be dealt with privately in one manner or another. Today, the cops are much more likely to be called into it. In my professional career, I've seen more than one such offense were everybody involved, in the end, regretted reporting the matter to the police to begin with, an act which generally occurred when tempers were very high in the immediate aftermath of discovery.

Police roles have changed as well. In the past, the attitude among police tended to be to let families handle such matters privately, if that's what the family wanted. Today, however, police and prosecutors are scrutinized by the public more closely, and tend to be less likely to accommodate requests to drop charges in cases where minors are involved.

So I suspect this data. If Bobby grab Suzie's breast one day at a party, in the old days, she'd slap him, or knee him, and the matter would be over with. But technically that some form of sexual assault, and these days he's much more likely to be arrested for the same behavior.

Posted by: PatHMV | Jun 11, 2007 8:39:36 AM

Crimes of violent sex offences are a hideous thing and can arouse anger in any one. Sex Offences are not on the rise! What is on the rise is: The problem comes when politicians or anyone use this to get votes increase ratings or sell more newspapers. The Dallas Morning News actually had a billboard on route 75 in Plano, Texas that said they where saving your neighborhood from sex offenders. I do not mean to be disrespectful of any one who has been a victim of crime, but…

You can not base a single crime and create a law that effects the entire nation!

This goes on constantly in the realm of sex offences. Our first thought is well theses laws effect sex offenders only. Wrong! Sex offenders have family and friends who have friends and so on and so on. I pray for all them who have been victims of crime to heal themselves. I also pray that all the Nazi like citizens of our country who take pleasure in other peoples suffering like sex offender registration, to suffer 100 fold.

You know I just heard about a child left in a car and dieing from heat. The parents in these cases should at least be arrested. I do not agree with the death penalty, but in cases like this it almost seems justified.

For all animations you need Macromedia Flash installed on your computer and sound.

Bill of Rights and 8th Amendment Violations to sex offenders
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These are full size comics yours to keep. You have my permission to print them out and use them to promote human right of the people who are depicted in these comics as loosing their human rights. Put your County's name in them if you like.
This is the web site they do not want you to see. Activism against Collin County Registered Sex Offenders data base and Collin County's treatment of all human beings that have committed a sex offence in Collin County, Texas and any where else that humans are treated with less respect than a animal or a insect. Like parts of Florida, California, and Oklahoma, because it is always "parts" usually the heavily religious populations, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Also check out : http://www.geocities.com/joedorkmadein1999/joedorkmadein1999.html
Don’t be stupid: regarded as unintelligent: regarded as showing a lack of intelligence, perception, or common sense Please, if you do not like what you see on this web site, exit now. I do not mean to insult any one or make them mad. This site is for people that agree with what I say. I can not be held responsible for people that come to this site and are offended by it. There are people out there suffering and this is for those people and those who want to fight for these people’s human rights.
Collin County Court House Concentration Camp Selection Center:
This is what it feels like to the people and families, and their friends, and the community, and everyone else, our country has all but destroyed:
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Oh Yea and I am against the death penalty too!
And I am for the Constitutional rights of prisoners. If they are in Texas they are not getting that. See here: http://www.aclutx.org/
It goes beyond what the law does. It is like being put in a stockade in the middle of the town square. It is like having to wear the star of David where ever you go. It is like the scarlet letter. It is like being labeled a hopeless failure for the rest of your life. The fact of the matter is that it is even worse than that. Technology today is much more effective in destroying these people’s lives like never before. I think the ACLU should sue all these web sites that use state and federal web sites to promote their sites and even make money from them. As bazaar as it may seem the state seems to be protected by the law to have such sites. I think it is twisting the freedom of information laws to do this, not to mention the fact that these laws all manage to be made retro active which also should be illegal. There is no way these laws protect every one in making web site such as this. I do not know much, but I know that humans can change. To say a human is unable to change is just plan stupid and paranoid. I think the reason that sex offenders are made the scapegoat of our society is that most people in our society has taken drugs. It is a known fact that drugs make you paranoid. Paranoia seems to be the only explanation behind the ostracizing of human beings like the sex offence seems to be.
Anyone that knows me, knows I am against the death penalty I believe and have written comics about how the prison system is one big business. In fact it is the largest business in Texas today. Texas has more people in prison than any other state in the United States and any other country in the world. We put more people to death than any one else. Last time I check we put about 50 people to death in Texas that could have been innocent. I have said this many times and I believe it is true. One of the main reasons there is a death penalty is to save money. I am sure we all feel sorry for the torture chambers of America, that they do not have enough money to keep 2 million people in prison. When we should be turning them into colleges. Do you know there is more money spent on prisons in Texas than colleges?
If you are against the death penalty you should know that you are also a Civil Rights Advocate. More black people are put to death than any other race. Isn’t that grotesque? Really stop and think about that for about a minute or two. Ok now. Why do you think more black people are executed than any other race? Think about that for a minute. If that doesn’t make you want to throw up I do not know what would. I am sure the number one reason is that black people do not have enough money to properly defend themselves. I am also sure that it is true that black Americans are victims of persecution.
Then there are the mentally ill people that are executed. People say well they where not mentally ill when they committed there crime, now all of a sudden they say they are mentally ill. Well I tell you what you put most any one in our prisons and I believe with all my heart that mental illness of some type takes hold on that person almost immediately. People say when someone is raped in prison the entire population of prisoners are victims of that rape. I say even the guards are victims to and all of the prison system down to the parole officers and on. Do you think our entire society suffers from our twisted dependence on prisons to “solve” our problems? I think it is obvious that it does. We are letting our way of life to be dictated by our failure to care about each other. Kids today are being molded by prison theology. Oh and lets not ever forget about the countless children who have been executed in our country. We are always so ready to punish any one but the parents. If you are going to put people to death it should be the parents of that kid that killed someone. The parents of our country that stand judging everyone.. These are the people running every thing. Every time you point the finger at someone there are three pointing back at you. So parents unless you don’t want to be put to death than join my friends at National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and take a stand. I am trying to make a point. The whole thing is so out of proportion it is hard to explain with out seeing things a little bent yourself.
I ask of you this go to this web site: http://www.ncadp.org/
They find the people who are most likely to be innocent and list them separately for you to send emails for.
At least once a month I send letters to Governors through this web site. I am asking you to do the same please. I think this is one of those dominos. If we can stop the death penalty it can only lead to other human rights advances in America.
There was a statistic I heard of lately. The tabloid magazines make more money than the regular newspapers and the regular news media combined! Then you wonder why the News Media loves to focus on sex offenders. The news media only cares about ratings, that is their business.
Then why do politicians and police let the media influence what they do? I think it is as stupid as stupid can be. I only hope the Democrats can see through this and not let it influence them. I only say that because the Republicans have proven for many years that they do not.
I just finished two great animations. They are in Flash format. If you can view Flash on the web in your internet browser you should be able to view these on your home computer.
Feel free to print these and hand them out. Put your county's name in them. Feel free to copy these comics to your web site, please link them to this site though.
The email for this web site is: [email protected] . Feel free to use this. I may only check it once a month.
I have been thinking lately. I think all the time on how to prevent Sex Offenses. What is the cause? I could write a book. I have in emails and such. I have been thinking about woman. Woman get away with sexual addition. Think about it. Men think a woman with a sexual addiction is cool. Yet she is either a sex offender or a sex offender in the making. I think this problem is huge and could be one of the main reasons for the problem. Woman seem the most judgmental of sex offenses. I always say the people that are the most judgmental of this type of crime are the most likely to be sex offenders themselves. Interview sex offenders, I guaranty most of them where judgmental of sex offenders before they were arrested.
This is sick and wrong and it is all being done in the name of government here. No one seems to care or raise a objection. Collin County is as right wing as it gets. There are some offices that always have republicans in that spot because democrats never run against them. After years and years of Republican rule no one would dare. This is a dictator ship! I have often hoped the federal government would step in and put a stop to it. Maybe now that the democrats are in charge this may happen.
You have to understand more people get arrested here than any were in the United states. Some statistic rated us the highest suburban crime aria in the United States. You can get arrested here for laws they do not even enforce in most of the countrys. I believe even state laws are enforced here that are not enforced any where in Texas! It was not because we had more crime it was because we had more crimes reported, most of which were false. Mckinney Texas, home of the new huge Collin County Court House, was the last town in the USA to outlaw public hangings! They used to hang people for stealing a horse! Our County Jail has got to be the biggest in the country for the population here. I hate to say it but it seems as though our politicians and police here seem to have inherited the lust for hanging people. You know that stereo typical redneck that thinks nothing of locking up people for next to nothing and hanging half the population? There was this guy here they arrested for renting copies of VCR tapes to people and they wanted to give him 99 years in prison. I think the detective’s name was Darlene Jones this was back in 1999. But you see what I am trying to say. These people are out of control.
I have been a registered democrat for over 10 years. I have been rooting for the Democrats all this time. Where I live if you have a democrat bumper sticker on your car it will be vandalized. Just think about it they had slaves here in the 1960’s! Every once in a while a will see a truck with a rebel flag in it and all the passengers look like thugs. Every one knows they are Klu Klux Klan. People are too afraid to do anything about it. Fear is real high here. Repression is alive and well in Collin County, Texas. There are many stories like this here in Collin County, Texas. I have seen bumper stickers here that say if you vote democrat you are a terrorist! During voting time fall 2006, there where more cops every where than I have ever seen before! I think it was to intimidate people! I have written hundreds of letters to Congress and The Senators over the years. I hope the democrats change every thing! I hope all the people responsible for tapering with votes will be charged like the last presidential election! I hope that every illegal unlawful thing the right wing did will be changed and all them that made these unconstitutional laws will be punished to the fullest extent of the law! Like the patriot act and Social Security Reform!

Republicans have nothing to do with God, nor is God on their side! the only reason I am having to say this is because it is all over the news that they think the opposite.

You know how this will prove itself? That they have no God connection? They will become powerless for a long time to come, unless they learn from their mistakes, that seems very unlikely though. When you lie to yourself it is a hard habit to break. I know I been there. The Democrats are closer to God because they care more about every one not just a certain population of people. God is more on the side of the Democrats than the Republicans! Some body told me one time do not play with God! This is the best advice I ever got. The Republicans keep playing though. You know the old saying you play, you pay.
I would like to quote the movie that brings out the American in me, Saving Privet Ryan: “If God be for us, who can be against us“.
go here to vote to impeach President Bush http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10562904/ I will upload a cool jpeg that shows 87% of America wants to impeach Bush.Also check this page out: http://www.democrats.com/We got them on the ropes, now lets go for the knock out!
Republicans will suffer for having offending God. I believe we where all (America) a second away from destruction because of the republican dictatorship. By Gods grace we now have the democrats with more of a pull. We are all responsible for our country. We will make it or break it. It is up to us. With out freedom and human right we are doomed.
Every day we suffer under these tyrannical politicians and probationers. Since 1999 we have been basically held captive here in Collin County. We are not from here. I have always thought that this is one of the reasons we seem to be suffering the strictest of the abused law here. We will not leave until I am released, that seems to be the right thing to do. It seems that they are threatening to keep me here 20 years. This is insane and illegal in every way. Imagine what it is like to be tortured by crooked, lawless, law here since 1995 that is nearly 12 years. Needless to say it has taken a toll on us physically. Sometimes I think we are racing towards death because of these backwards closed minded people with absolute power over us.
We need a good lawyers here. Obviously lawyers around here are not going to help.
I am sorry I said that. One thing we have allot of is lawyers. Many lawyers around here are helping to change things. Many people in the system are helping to change things. The good thing about people in the system is they see first hand the suffering of people. It is only natural for the whole thing eventual to turn on the people causing the problem. There are allot of good people in Texas. I really like Austin. I have been there many time and the people are really nice. Any one in Texas will tell you that Collin County is a bad place to live. That could change some day. If I can help that happen then I am doing the right thing. If you are going to fight and you are right, you will prevail one way or the other. All I know is every time I work on this web site I sleep extra good that night. We better wake up before one day our dream of freedom is gone for ever and all we have left is sad reminders for ever. Do you think this is what our reminders wanted as our future? This is cruel and unusual punishment if there ever was. If you do not see that then you are lying to your self. If you lie to yourself you are cursing yourself and every one you work together with. So snap out of it. I am saying this because I care. You should too. People tried to warn me not to move here when I was living near Austin, Texas. I will regret not listening to them for all my life.
I recently saw a ad on the e channel. It was called online nightmares. It made it seem as though you are a victim for using the internet. The rednecks around here love that kind of thing. Oh the internet it is the devil. If you can not handle watching TV you can not handle being on the internet. To say you are a victim of the internet just by using it is to say you are a victim of your television every time some perverted commercial comes on that should be banned by the FCC “e channel”. It’s called just change the channel. I was on the internet in 1995 and it was a whole different story. You happened upon (P word) then. Now a days things are allot better. It is easier to avoid (P word) all together. I think most all of the big players are against (P word) on the internet. I hope someday the only way to view (P word) will be with a credit card. Until then in my opinion all children should not be aloud on the internet, I thing you should have to be 21 to go on the internet. You got to bring your kids up right people. If they do not turn out right it is your fault. I think if your kid gets molested or abused in any way you should go to jail! Parents today want to leave their kids alone forever for money. So they buy them a computer. Children need constant attention and positive reinforcement. If you are not up to having kids don't have them. If you have kids and there is a slightest bit of bad signs you need to call in a professional before it gets worse. There is know time when you are a kid. Everything is one minute to the next. Hey I never had kids, so I do not want to preach on that too much, at least I had enough since to avoid having children. I chose not to have any because it would be beyond my means. You got to give me that much. And as for responsible adults just watch yourself and you will be alright. You don’t walk down the street saying beat me u someone do ya? I mean as long as you do the right thing you will be fine. If you can not control your self in society maybe you should commit your self to a mental hospital. I am not trying to be mean I am trying to make a point. Act like a responsible adult. I will say this I am sick of spam. I have a spam button and I keep hitting it and it just keeps coming. You have to understand I should not get spam. All my bulk mail goes directly to the trash I never know it even arrived. Every thing that is possible for me not to get spam is on concerning my email. If I get a spam it has to be directly sent to me and go through all the hoops to do so. Also I have about 500 spammers blocked from sending me spam. I have had a idea lately. Maybe you can take a screen shot of it (some of them I do not want to open) and send it to the administrator of you email company. Do not be afraid. Everyone is into fear. The media loves it and capitalizes on it. What ever happened to we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Do your self’s a favor do not watch the news. I stopped watching the news in the early 1990’s and have been netter off ever since. Just read the news, until maybe someday the media gets the message and starts caring enough to stop manipulating people for money. I swear if I see one more alcohol commercial about a how you become more sexy or cool if you drink, when this is not true at all. I mean I should talk. I have conditioned myself to get what ever it is I need done and log off. I have been that way for so long now I am running into trouble because of it. I have this class and the teacher uses the internet more than any teacher I have known. She never hands out any info at all on paper. She says she is trying to save a tree. The problem is this is also the most structured class I have ever taken. Every last thing we do is dictated from her web site or email. Her web site is so complex I can not make hide nor hare of it. Since I am conditioned to do my internet business quickly it is hurting my grade badly. For example a bibliography was do and it was to be turned in MLA format. I had know idea how to do this. She said look it up on the internet. So I did during my class. I could not find any thing at all. I finally got my hands on a paper that was done in MLA format and modeled it to mine. That wasn’t it. Latter in class she showed everyone how to do find it on her site. She went from link to link till she found a site that helped you format. My point is it took too long and since I am a quick internet user I would have never found it, even if I knew where the first link was. Why am I like this and I am sure there are others out there that are the same way. It is because of people prejudice against the internet. So many people are like this in our closed minded society it makes it seem like it is wrong to use the internet. I have learned ten times more about the world, history, politics, math, science, social studies, on the internet, than I have in all my 20 years of school in my life (county through high school and 6 years of college). There is such a wealth of positive information it seems to good to be true. I hope that the (P word) people and the ID theft people realize this and even though like I said it so small in number it seems almost microscopic compared to the total population of all the people who use the internet. But thanks to the media and people like the e channel it seems you should be afraid to use the internet and if you do it could turn into a night mare. Oh and what about mail? I use the internet to email my senator. I was using snail mail for along time. Then that anthrax thing was going on and all the letters I sent to Washington DC where being sent back to me. Can you imagine how I felt? What if one of my letters where infected? I think the internet should be considered freedom of speech and press and should be a right of every American to use it. It is time all the people wake up and do every thing they can to preserve this precious learning tool, before it is too late.
* I had to say the (P word) so I would not get scrubbed badly. Amazing how stupid the internet still is. Any way you can find this site by entering joedorkmadein1999 in Yahoo.
I am sorry, sorry, sorry to any one I have offended. I will make it up to all of you if it takes me my whole life. I have southern pride. I will not deny it. I love the south. I love the south so much I made this web site and joined up with the ACLU. I love the little people of Collin County. This is for all the poor people and the once poor people of Collin County. And even the middle class that seems to be all but gone thanks to the right wingers. The south is made up of poor people who are not guilty of nothing but trying to live a honest life. Living in fear of a legal system that is designed to care about the wealthy only. I see the system trying to wipe out the very people that make up the south. I am a firm believer that we make our country what it is. I do believe that there are fixed elections and they will be punished someday. Voters need to turn out in such numbers that it would be obvious that people have had enough of the same old, same old. I do not think that every dude that has a rebel flag on their truck is with the KKK either. I think that some people think it is to show southern pride. As a kid I loved that flag too. I have come to realize though that, that flag stood for slavery and war. If you really look at it that way you can see that needs to stay in the past where it belongs! You know what I say the past is the past and only evil would bring it up in your face and say, “see this is who you are!” Kind of like how people say a sex offender is there past. If you can teach a animal to change people sure can change. Of course I believe people should pay for their crimes. In my opinion if you have been on probation in the past 10 years you have paid for your crimes a million times over. Two years on probation is all any human should have to succumb to. I know I have said society is effected by the inhuman laws on sex offences.. You know I have been thinking the police, parole, and probation people must feel this type of repression effecting their lives as well. Two wrongs do not make a right!
Updated Friday, February 2nd, by: the dork
I just got done watching Roman Polanski’s newest film Oliver Twist. Something for the children hey Polanski? Something for the children indeed! I hope if the end does not come soon, that the children will look back on the past 10 years and say "how could people treat sex offenders this way. Let me just say I think it is wrong to label any one a sex offender, but it is necessary for this web site for me to use these two words to describe a human being. I am sorry to refer to any one as a sex offender. Someday I hope there will be another term. Actually how can you put any label on someone who only committed in most cases one offence, and learned from that offence.
If you are a sex offender or have a family member accused of a sex offence. Maybe you have a friend that has been taken from you from being charged with a sex offence. I say taken from you because, pretty much if your friend or even someone you look up to is taken from you (killed), for being charged with a sex offence. Lets face when a human is charged with a sex offence they are now as good as dead. Just ask the people that have to go to motor vehicle department (department of public safety - Texas) and pay for a new license every year ON THEIR BIRTHDAY so that a new photo of them will be posted on the internet. Department of public safety ? It should be called department of public Nazism! Department of public safety ? I wonder how safe is someone when they have their picture up on the internet labeling them a sex offender. You know the sad thing I believe that no oppressive act to another human goes unpunished. What does that mean to all of us. It is not good. Is it never to late to stop? I do not think so. It is fortunate for us all that God is patient. Look how many religious people get caught up in a sexual addiction. It is because it is so easy to keep a secret. There is no hard and fast rule on why someone commit’s a sex offence. How about the womanizer or the nymphomaniac? They are not exactly in secret. If so many religious people are charged with sex offences? Don’t you think we better be careful how we treat these people? After all what if God punishes us for taking away every human right they have? Even the stupidest could see that. I remember this comedian one time was saying how if he where in prison he would rather be raped than stabbed. Putting so much focus on sex offences can only take away from the seriousness of other crimes like assault, drug abuse, or murder. People say drug abuse is not a violent crime. If you abuse your self with anything you abuse the ones you love and every one around you. It is always those society looks up to the most that abuse themselves. Is there a connection? It seems obvious to me.
That brings me back to Roman Polanski. If you have the burden of being labeled a sex offender in the past ten years. Think of it this way. Do you have any idea how many famous people at the top of their carriers have committed sex offences? You are in the company of the greatest humans that have ever lived. Roman Polanski is the greatest director alive today. He did such a good job on The Pianist didn’t he? I know he is a holocaust survivor. I bow before him for that. You know what I think though? I think he did such a good job on the pianist because he is a sex offender. Only a sex offender can really relate to what it was like to be a Jew in the holocaust, today. Have you ever heard the story? Why on earth wasn’t the mother charged with something? Sure honey go on of to the directors house at night for a hot tub party. Why more parents are not charged for their under age children being victims. We may never know. Famous people seem to draw out of society under age problem children from problem families. Think about it if you’re a child and are considering having sex with a adult there has got to be something not right about you. I do not know about you all but when I was thirteen I was blown away by other 13 year olds not old people. Again we are back to the parents and their evil role in all of this. You know they are the very ones pushing for the death penalty for such crimes. It is a circle the accusers and overly judgmental are usually secret addicts of the very crime they are so readily available to condemn as death penalty worthy, or life in prison which is worse. I would like to see any one of these people spend a year in prison and watch how fast they have a complete mental breakdown and their whole life destroyed. Actually I would not wish that on anyone. I think if you so mush WISH someone would go to prison, you should be sent to prison. Yet that seems to be the normal way to think in Collin County, Texas, and the else where in the land of the free. I am not a communist or a mixer of religion and politics like the genocide maniacs in Africa. I am a full blooded American and every word on this web site is a triumphant proclamation of that. And all lovers of freedom from oppressive governments where ever they are in the world. What ever happened to peace love and understanding? We are living in the time of the peace movement that have come to age. I used to pray as a kid growing up in the sixties and seventies with beautiful music in every breath we took. I used to pray Lord just let me live long enough to see these people take charge. You know what I think? If there any of them that made it that far they are democrats not republicans.
I have always said the justice system is not going forward, it is going backward. Like the hangings of black people in Dallas, Texas in the 1950s. Like the witch hunts of the early settlers. Like the crusades. Like the coliseums of the Roman Empire. How does it feel? Well what are you waiting for go sign up with the ACLU, and register yourself as a demarcate. Get on the phone with who ever is your representative republican or democrat and tell them to be fair and a advocate for human rights, not the other way around.
If we wanted to be fare we would have to arrest most every rock musician that ever lived. Elvis Presley was a world wide known sex offender. Every one knew that Pricilla was under age. Elvis left us all with the greatest present any one could give. A seeming less unending amount of entertainment. Something to take our minds off the tortures of living under right wing dictatorship that say people like Elvis should be given the death penalty. It is common knowledge that Jimmy Page was seeing a thirteen year old. Jimmy Page the greatest guitarist who ever lived. Literally worked magic in concert after concert. Clearly this man had reached a level of spiritual and consciousness that few humans have in the history of the world. The list goes on and on. I am sad to here about Pete Townsend of the who recently. Personally I have made a point of picking up some of The Who CD’s just to be reminded how heartless our society has become. I hope you will too.
Court appointed stogies who call themselves therapists are free to adopt any theory they please to affect our society. So here is a theory I had once. I consider sex to be a beautiful sign of love if it is in the context of holy matrimony. If sex is love than isn’t a sex offence a misplaced act of love. If this is true how hard do you think it is to turn this person around?
Here’s to you Roman Polanski. I for one will always see your movies. Here’s to you Roman Polanski because you are Oliver Twist. It takes one to know one. May our bothers and sisters live long and prosper and shelter us, from our would be destroyers. And may we go on to leave a seemingly unending amount of art to bless the world forever. , the dork
And always remember if you do not like what you are watching or reading change the channel. In fact as the author of this web site and all of it’s content I ask you formally if you do not like this site than please leave and never return. And in the words of Eric Clapton, and others, may you reap what you sew.

I here by set forth this decree, from this day forth. As the creator and author of this web site. All those who wish may copy this entire web site and locate it some where else on the internet for safety sake. All I ask is it be copied in it’s entirety and not taken out of context. This may be done as many times as any one would see fit. I would also appreciate if it could be change to other languages. Thank you, The Dork

Violation of human rights, of sex offenders in USA

The Joe Dork webs sites concern the fact that the constitutional rights as well as any decent idea of human rights are taken away from human beings that are all equal meant to live out their live on this planet struggling like all of us. Except they go through life with a yoke around their necks with a star of David on their back and a scarlet letter on their chest. And in cases like living in the former slave country of the Dallas Metroplex, a chain that is attached to them on one end and the prison or death row on the other. You treat people like this and no matter who you are you will reap what you sew in the end. If you are a citizen in this country you are effected by this. Maybe a friend or the ultimate a family member. Maybe a friend of a friend. You probable do not even know if people around you are suffering with this oppression because these types of things are not even mentioned. It is there no matter what. What is the answer? I say we need to reach out to every one. I think their should be television shows dedicated to help prevent this type of crime. If we arrested every one that committed some type of sex offence (or fantasized about it) in our country there would not be any one to run the prisons. Sex offences like peeping toms can lead to rapist. In the rock festival of Woodstock and the like nude people exposed themselves on film in front of thousands of people. Did you know that exposing your self turns to a addiction that can lead to the offender exposing themselves thousands of times to people?

Because Joe Dork is such a strong subject for week minded people that do not understand the reason they hate so much is because they are the ones with the problem not the people they hate!

My main reason for sending this addition to this post is the psycho-therapist in the Collin County and Dallas County aria. These people are like insane Nazis. I do not know what it is but when you give psycho-therapist’s the same power as a police officer they turn into “Adolf Hitler”. I think to begin with psycho-therapist’s are not normal. Usually these type of people enter the field because they are the ones with the mental problem. For some reason our right wing political system has decided it would be a right idea to put Nazi-psycho-therapist’s in charge of sex offenders.

What is wrong with every one? The day we hand over our country to psycho-therapists is the day we all go coo coo. Most of them are drug pushers too. I mean it comes with the territory. Is that why our political system likes them? We all know how detached the right wing politicians of Texas and where ever you are from are. Yea drugs are the answer. Drugs with side effects like possible death? I think when you are coo coo that would not matter any way. When you take away people’s freedoms than you take away our country. I do not even want to know what comes after that. Thanks for reading, The Dork

I must say I am impressed with the amount of news I am finding on the internet on people fighting against unconstitutional Sex Offender laws. Things keep up like this and I may have to take down this web site.

Then there is the new bazaar the Texas Senate has just past. First time sex offences get 25 years in prison and second time offenders get the death penalty. I believe this is for two main reasons:

Number 1 is:

The Republicans are loosing big time. Remember the slogan “It’s The Economy Stupid”. People are starting to wake up to that. More and more Americans are struggling, yet the rich keep getting richer and richer! I like what Hillary Clinton said “it is like trickle down economics, with out the trickle”. Bigger and more prisons and less schools. The difference between republicans and most other people is that they enforce laws no else would. So to do this they build more prisons. The war? I never considered it a war at all. It is more like a invasion. I am not against our military I am just being honest. It may have cost us the finest solders this country has ever had. When we went into Iraq we had the best military in the history of the world. If we don’t straighten up we will end up like the early 1970’s, a mess. I am not saying we did not do the right thing. I am glad we got Sadam Hussein. Desert storm was a war. We fought a army. We did not have to fight too much because they gave up, of which I a glad. I think when we got Sadam we should have left. I understand the military because I feel it too. It must become about revenge. Every solder that dies leads to those solders wanting revenge and so on. I really wish we stay out of the whole thing until a invasion, like Kuwait. You should never ever seek vengeance on your own. Vengeance has a way of finding it’s way on it’s own. The problem with the justice system is that people are being punished too much. People need to be punished. But when they suffer what is by all rights torture the justice system becomes responsible for that. Any how I am sure I have mentioned before on this page “ I am a American through and through”. If I where in a communist country or a dictatorship I would not be able to make a web site like this. When I was younger I used to fight dudes who talked bad about the USA. I guess I am still like that except from the scares I got from those stupid fights, I prefer to fight with the pen instead. The pen is mightier than the sword. I still think the republicans handled the military all wrong for the length of George W. Bushes term of office. They where heartless as it seems they always are. I believe unless we have democrats take over for a long time to come we may not be able to recover.

My point is the Republicans are so desperate for votes they are still pushing more and more unconstitutional sex offender laws as a last ditch effort to get votes. It is pitiful and sad if you think about it. Like I always say you reap what you so. Wide spread regret and embarrassment should be the agenda of the day for these people.

Number 2 is:

I believe the regret and embarrassment already suffered by republicans in Texas and Florida would be better served by sweeping the problem under the rug (so they think). The way republicans think they can sweep things under the rug are by doing things like bowering money instead of paying upfront. The strategy of the republican party seems to be to put things off till latter. The thing they do not take into account is that we live in a democratic society where people like them get voted out of office.

The republican party is dealing with their regret and embarrassment of their Nazi like treatment of sex offenders by giving them the death penalty and sending them to prison. In their minds “sweeping the problem under the rug”.

In reality every time we inflict cruel and unusual punishment on some one it will always come back to hurt us.

I have added two new people to the Kinky Friedman for pushing the death penalty for sex offences and Attorney General Jerry Brown for trying to create laws that are retroactive. Retroactive laws are against every thing or country has stood for and are not only unconstitutional but inhuman. Check it out on my new annimation page here: http://joedorkmadein1999.20m.com/contact.html

Posted by: Joe | Jul 7, 2007 11:57:19 AM

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