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June 15, 2007

Iran's parliament supporting death for porn producers

Among lots of interesting new posts at Capital Defense Weekly, I saw this interesting AP article about an Iranian "bill that could lead to the death penalty for persons convicted of working in the production of pornographic movies."  Here are more details:

In a 148-5 vote, lawmakers approved a measure saying "producers of pornographic works and main elements in their production are considered corruptors of the world and could be sentenced to punishment as corruptors of the world.".... To become law, the bill requires approval from the Guardian Council, a constitutional watchdog in this conservative Islamic country.

It is widely believed that the bill came as a reaction to a scandal last year, when a private videotape, apparently belonging to Iranian actress Zahra Amir Ebrahimi and allegedly showing her having intercourse with a man, became available across Iran. The video was leaked to the Internet and released as a black market DVD, becoming a full-blown Iranian scandal.  Ebrahimi later came under an official investigation, which is still ongoing.

Seeking levity after a long sentencing week, readers are welcome to use the comments to come up with good jokes (perhaps involving Paris Hilton) in light of this story.

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