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July 23, 2007

PBS series POV on "Prison Town, USA"

As detailed in this press release, airing as part of public television's P.O.V. series, this week PBS will premiere "Prison Town, USA."  PBS has this terrific website supporting the show, which has a synopsis that includes these passages:

What happens when a struggling rural community tries to revive its economy by inviting prisons in?  The story of four families living in a modern-day prison town, as told in "Prison Town, USA," is a riveting look at one of the most striking phenomena of our times: a prison-building and incarceration boom unprecedented in American history....

"Prison Town, USA" lays bare the economic and political dynamics behind the prison-building frenzy that is changing the landscape of rural America, shedding light on some of the little-understood human costs of the nation's criminal-justice policies.

Also on the PBS website also includes resource links covering Prisons in the US and Three Strikes Law and Prison Reform Organizations.

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