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July 3, 2007

Strong Scooter commentary around the blogosphere

300pxscooter1 I have not been able to read closely all the comments to prior Libby posts, but I've seen lots of (thoughtful?) debate worth checking out here.  But a bit of quick surfing has also led me to a number of strong discussions of Scooter's fate around the blogosphere.  Besides this great wiki on Scooter the muppet, readers will want to be sure to check out these posts from fellow law-bloggers:

UPDATE: Also be sure to check out Dan Filler at Concurring Opinions with Scooter Libby's Disabilities. And also Eric Muller at Is that Legal? with Scooter's Law.

MUCH LATER UPDATE: Thinking lately about an old FSR classic: Pardon Us: Systematic Presidential Pardons by Charles Shanor & Marc Miller: Download 13FedSentgRep139

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Thank you for this round up. re Scooter:
I would appreciate understanding why Alan Dershowitz argues that it is all about politics. Besides the chutzpah for chutzpah's sake, of course.
re me:
IANAL but am a historian with some legal/political knowledge (architectural/cultural historian, I work on federal buildings and need to know the congressional context for their construction). I look for guidance to this historic/tragic moment in our history from the law blogs.

Posted by: BlueStateRedhead | Jul 4, 2007 8:23:24 AM

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