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August 7, 2007

Missing stuff while on the road...

A day of speaking and traveling has kept me mostly off-line, and a quick check of How Appealing suggests it was a big day for big opinions in the circuits, and the action included a notable First Circuit ruling on "whether juvenile adjudications constitutionally may be used as predicate convictions to support an ACCA enhancement."  I hope to catch up on all the action late tonight, but I'd be grateful to readers who help me find anything especially noteworthy I might miss.

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» CA1: Juvenile convictions can be used to support an ACCA enhancement from Appellate Law
US v. Matthews, Nos. 05-1655, 05-1925 says that there is no due process or federalism problem in doing so.But, this argument was not properly raised below. The First doesn’t take his argument too seriously, because it uses the particularly silly [Read More]

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