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December 8, 2007

Quite a Monday on tap for federal sentencing fans

Monday is the scheduled sentencing date for two high-profile and very distinct federal defendants: Conrad Black and Michael Vick.  (This new AP story provides some Black background, and this new local piece provides some Vick basics)

In part because Black lost at trial and Vick pleaded guilty, it is virtually assured that Black will be getting a much longer sentence than Vick.  But there is a lot of legal and factually uncertainty surrounding both cases as sentencing approaches.  Moreover, Black is still free on bail and could remain free for a long time if he is granted bail pending appeal.  Meanwhile, Vick is already serving his (not yet imposed) federal sentence, and he could very well complete his sentence before Black starts his (again, if Black gets bail pending appeal).

In addition, there is a chance (though I think a slim one) that the Supreme Court will hand down opinion in Gall and Kimbrough on Monday.  And, if that's not exciting enough, on Tuesday we may get a decision from the US Sentencing Commission concerning the retroactivity of its new crack guidelines (basics here).  I may need to keep celebrating Repeal Day to stay calm during all the sentencing excitement.

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interesting. I'll be following this blog very closely next week.

Posted by: EJ | Dec 8, 2007 3:46:48 PM

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