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January 1, 2008

Federal criminal caseload data from 2007 year-end report

Though partially noted here, I though a separate post was justified to highlight the federal criminal justice statistics in CJ Roberts's 2007 year-end report (available here).  Here is the specific data that caught my eye:

The number of criminal cases filed in 2007 rose by 2% to 68,413 cases, and defendants in these cases increased 1% to 89,306....  Property offense cases grew 7% to 12,621, and defendants in such cases rose 6% to 16,277.  Fraud cases rose 13% to 8,101, and fraud defendants climbed 10% to 10,804. Immigration filings increased 2% to 16,722 cases and 17,948 defendants. The charge of improper reentry by an alien accounted for 74% of all immigration cases.  Sex offense filings jumped 31% to 2,460 cases, and defendants in such cases climbed 30% to 2,572. The growth in sex offense filings stemmed primarily from filings related to sexually explicit materials, and to a lesser degree, from all other sex offenses.  Traffic offense filings for both cases and defendants jumped 22% to 4,427 and 4,429, respectively.  Drug cases dropped 2% to 17,046, 12 and defendants charged with drug crimes fell 2% to 29,885.  Filings of drug cases and defendants declined as filings associated with non-marijuana drugs fell....

The number of persons under post-conviction supervision in 2007 increased by 2% to 116,221 individuals.  As of September 30, 2007, the number of individuals serving terms of supervised release after their release from a correctional institution totaled 89,497 and constituted 77% of all persons under post-conviction supervision.  During the previous year, persons serving terms of supervised release were 75% of all those under post-conviction supervision.  Persons on parole fell more than 10%, from 2,876 individuals in 2006 to 2,575 individuals in 2007. Parole cases now account for less than 2% of post-conviction cases. Because of a continuing decline in the imposition of sentences of probation by both district court judges and magistrate judges, the number of persons on probation decreased by 5% to 23,974 individuals.

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