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February 21, 2008

Interesting crack retroactivity letters sent around to judges

Though all the details will surely get lost in the broader politics of the day, the little stories surrounding crack retroactivity continue to fascinate me.  And, thanks to a friend of the blog, I can post here two interesting new documents sent around to federal judges this week concerning the implementation of crack retroactivity. 

The first document is a letter with an order form from the Sentencing Commission and Criminal Law Committee intended to help courts implement crack retroactivity rulings. The second document forwards a letter from the Bureau of Prisons, which "request the courts' cooperation when resentencing crack cocaine offenders." This most notable part of the BOP letter is the request that judges "consider imposing a ten-day delay in the effective date of any resentence that results in the inmate's immediate release (e.g., 'time served')" in order to "allow the BOP to satisfy certain statutory requirements and work with the probation officer who will supervise the offender in the community."

Download ao_order_re_cocaine_base_reduction.pdf

Download bop_letter_re_crack_resentencings.pdf

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