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February 7, 2008

Violent crime and crazy talk

SwansonOver at Crime & Consequences, Steve Erickson has this interesting post titled, "The Ubiquity of Substance Abuse in the Calculus of Crime and Mental Illness."  Here are snippets:

As mentioned previously, the recent National Institute of Mental Health's CATIE study suggested a link between schizophrenia and violence. That conclusion generated a lot of controversy from folks who assert that there is no link between mental illness and violence, touting the frequent mantra that those with mental illness are no more likely to become violent than the general population. Indeed, we should be careful not to needlessly contribute to the enduring stigma that burdens those with mental illness.  Nonetheless, we shouldn't ignore the link between mental illness and crime simply because it makes some people uncomfortable or is at odds with the vested rhetoric of political correctness....

[Other] studies confirm ... a strong link between criminality and substance abuse.... Putting all of the rhetoric aside, the risk of violence and crime among those with mental illness who abuse alcohol and drugs is a serious risk in need of candor within the academic and popular realms of debate.

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Universal, guaranteed (mental) health care would help. But that costs money that we could otherwise use to wage war for corporate geostrategic reasons, so my vote is to continue subjecting innocent persons to violent crime, am I right?

Posted by: DK | Feb 8, 2008 3:08:38 AM

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