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March 31, 2008

Native Americans and the criminal justice system

This new webpage at DPIC, which is titled "Native Americans and the Death Penalty," includes these interesting (and depressing) statistics about some broader criminal justice realities:

The American native crime victimization rate is twice that of non-Indians.  National crime victimization surveys reveal that whites perpetrate 57% of the violent crimes committed against American Indians. 80% of sexual assaults against Native Americans are perpetrated by whites.

The incarceration rate of Native Americans is 19% higher than the national rate.  The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights attributes this higher rate to differential treatment by the criminal justice system, lack of access to adequate counsel and racial profiling. Law enforcement agents arrest American Indians and Alaskan Natives at twice the rate of the greater U.S. population for violent and property crimes.  On average, American Indians receive longer sentences than non-Indians for crimes.  They also tend to serve longer time in prison for their sentences than non-Native Americans.

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