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March 17, 2008

Slate starts impressive (and confusing) new blog called "Convictions"

I got the news today that Slate.com has launched a group legal blog, called Convictions. According this this post at Volokh by Orin Kerr, the blog boasts this amazing group of contributors:

Ben Wittes, David Barron, Deb Pearlstein, Adam White, Dawn Johnson, Doug Kmiec, Diane Amann, Judge Nancy Gertner, Jack Balkin, Kenji Yoshino, Marty Lederman, Orin Kerr, Patrick Keefe, Eric Posner, Richard Ford, Tim Wu, Viet Dinh, Walter Dellinger, Dahlia Lithwick, Emily Bazelon, Phil Carter, and David Feige.

Though the content is already amazing, the blog's format and plans are quite confusing.  Though I have seen two reports that the Convictions blog launched today, there are posts going back a week.  In addition, what is right now the top post seems to just be "borrowed" from Jack Balkin's home blog, rather than "fresh" materials.  And I cannot find any official list of contributors or any explanation of why Slate.com — which is already kind of bloggy — decided to start a group legal blog.

I have long been hoping that the "technological infrastructure" of blogs would improve and advance with new entrants, but Convictions seems to be a step back technologically.  Still, this blog is clearly to be a must-read because of its participants.  And, if the Slate folks ever decided to do a follow-up blog called Sentences, I hope I will be asked to join in the fun.

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1) The blog was "launched" today in the sense that it was made public.

2) I believe bloggers are allowed to cross post if they like.

3) The official list is coming soon, I believe.

Posted by: Orin Kerr | Mar 17, 2008 5:46:59 PM

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