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May 1, 2008

DOJ criminal division needs a new top prosecutor

As detailed in this official press release, the head of the criminal division of the DOJ has announced her resignation: "Today, the Department of Justice announced that Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division Alice S. Fisher will end her current service to the Department on May 23, 2008."

Since a new administration is likely to bring in new people in 2009, a replacement for AAG Fisher will not have a long shelf-life.  Still, President Bush might try to fill this important position, and I am sure he will read the comments of this blog if any readers have thoughtful candidates to propose.

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I nominate Douglas A. Berman of Ohio.

Posted by: Orin Kerr | May 2, 2008 1:22:51 AM

Orin, I'm blushing... (and I think too smart to even want this position as this moment in time).

Posted by: Doug B. | May 2, 2008 8:31:03 AM

Well, I nominate Orin Kerr, of Illinois or the District, or wherever he is these days.

Seriously, that had been my plan even before I clicked on the comments.

Posted by: Sentencing Observer | May 2, 2008 9:19:55 AM

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