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May 5, 2008

Some execution news and notes

Two notable death penalty stories have developed this afternoon:

1.  As this AP article details, a "Georgia board has denied condemned killer William Earl Lynd's clemency bid, paving the way for him to likely become the nation's first inmate put to death since the U.S. Supreme Court held that lethal injection is constitutional."  The article notes that legal appeals are still in the works, so it is still possible a stay will come along before the planned lethal injection execution scheduled for Tuesday at 7 pm.

2. As this AP story details, a "Mexican-born Texas prisoner whose death sentence set off an international dispute and a U.S. Supreme Court rebuke of the White House received an execution date Monday."  The article spotlights some of the legal issues that surely will be subject to further debate before Jose Medellin heads toward his now-scheduled the August 5 execution date.

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It is long past time for both of these criminals to be executed. Guilt is not a question in either case, and both of them have had plenty of time to raise whatever issues need to be raised. If they are raising new stuff now, they should be turned away.

Bravo to the judge for setting the date and cutting off the bleatings of Ms. Babcock et alia.

Posted by: federalist | May 5, 2008 5:42:38 PM

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