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June 24, 2008

More on crying a river in capital cases

There are so many interesting versions of "Cry Me a River" to be found on YouTube (from Joe Cocker to a young Babs), but Time magazine has a different variation in this story about Ohio prosecutors crying a river over defense counsel crying during capital cases.  Here is how the piece starts:

Defense attorneys in capital murder cases have often been accused of not working hard enough to help spare their clients the death penalty, in some cases even falling asleep in the middle of a trial. It's not often, though, that lawyers are accused of caring too much — or at least appearing to care too much — about the fate of the defendants they represent.

But that is essentially what state prosecutors in Ohio are claiming, as they try to ban attorneys from swaying a jury with the power of tears. Butler County assistant prosecutor Jason Phillabaum filed a motion last week calling on the judge to "prohibit" the defense from using emotional appeals to the jury during the upcoming capital-punishment trial of James O'Hara, who is accused of fatally stabbing Stanley Lawson last summer.

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Cry my mother a river, the lady who spent 18hours in laber with her first born who no longer has him to call her ma thanks to James O'hara
Cry that river mr.defense attorney.

pissed sis..

Posted by: Latoya Lawson | Jul 22, 2008 1:30:12 PM

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