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September 3, 2008

Some information about Governor Palin's criminal justice record

Over at TalkLeft, Jeralyn has this long and details post headlined "Palin , Prisoners and the Alaska Prison System."  Here is one snippet:

Joe Schmidt heads up the Alaska Department of Corrections in her administration.  The previous Governor, Frank Murkowski, cut off almost all funds for treatment in prison, including for sex offenders, obviously a terrible idea.  Instead he decided to focus on post-release monitoring. The ACLU sued on behalf of three sex offenders.

Joe Schmidt admitted that cutting off treatment programs (which a court had ordered for sex-offenders) was the wrong approach.  Gov. Palin tried to restore some funds for treatment programs in her budget this year.  The legislature refused her funding request for sex offender treatment in prisons.

I am glad to learn that Gov. Palin supported providing some treatment programs for sex offenders, and I hope to hear more good news about her on the Alaska criminal justice front. 

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Per TalkLeft's post:

"Alaska's prisons are sorely overcrowded. Since I don't have access to Alaska state court pleadings, I searched PACER for federal lawsuits against Palin on civil rights violations. Palin has been sued at least twice in federal court in Alaska during her year and a half term, once by a prisoner named Berry Jack who claimed he was raped for 3 days, treated at a medical facility, and then denied recommended therapy thereafter. His complaint is here (pdf.)

"The Court ordered him to file an Amended Complaint. In his Amended Complaint (pdf), he said he wrote to Gov. Palin and she wrote back, saying she stood behind Anchorage Correctional Complex Superintendant Debbie Miller's decision to refuse him therapy. He states he wrote her again and "she called Alaska State troopers on me." He put in another request for treatment after which, he alleges, the Department of Corrections destroyed all his records."

Posted by: George | Sep 3, 2008 6:15:36 PM

Doesn't matter. The next administration will be Democratic.

Posted by: | Sep 5, 2008 3:03:07 PM

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