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November 15, 2008

"Changing Lives, Changing Minds"

The title of this post is the title of this intriguing new blog, which I learned about through this e-mail (which I have received permission to reprint): 

I am the marketing assistant for Changing Lives Through Literature, an incarceration alternative founded on the power of literature to transform lives of criminal offenders. Earlier this month, we started a new blog devoted to criminal justice reform, alternatives to incarceration, and the influence of literature on our lives. The blog is called Changing Lives, Changing Minds and is updated twice a week at http://cltl.umassd.edu/blog.  As part of our blog, we feature links to programs with similar interests and missions to Changing Lives Through Literature. 

We've included Sentencing Law and Policy in our link list and hope you will consider linking Changing Lives, Changing Minds on your blog in return. We are interested in the work that Sentencing Law and Policy is doing.  We encourage you (and members of your organization) to check out our blog and consider writing a 500-750 word guest post related to criminal justice reform, incarceration alternatives, or the power of literature to transform lives. The post does not have to be original -- if you have already written a piece (for your own blog or elsewhere) that you feel would be appropriate, we'd be more than happy to publish it on our site. In all cases we would link back to the Sentencing Law and Policy site.  I hope you will check out our site and consider writing a guest post. Keep up the great work!

Though I do not have an "organization" (unless you count my family cat who often keeps me company when I'm blogging from home), I surmise from this openning post that this new blog would welcome guest posts from regular readers/commentors on SL&P.

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