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November 14, 2008

Developing criminal justice "wish list" for the Obama Administration

Over at the White Collar Crim Prof Blog, Ellen Podgor has this terrifically interesting "Wish List to President Barack Obama & The Next AG."  Ellen's wish list is lengthy (even though only focused on white-collar topics), and here are a few of her provocative and thoughtful wishes that caught my eye:

Needless to say, I could add dozens of my wishes to this list, especially if I were to branch out beyond white-collar topics.  But on a Friday, I am especially interested to hear some criminal justice wishes from readers.  

So, dear readers, please use the comments for expressing your wishes on criminal justice topics for the next Administration.  Though I seriously doubt the President-Elect or his future AG regularly read this blog, one never knows how many cyberspace genies might try to help make a good criminal justice wish comes true.

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Hoping to attract the same "cyberspace genies," I suggested here that the next President/AG should repeal the newly enacted, COINTELPRO-esque FBI snitch/snooping rules.

Posted by: Gritsforbreakfast | Nov 14, 2008 9:38:58 AM

De-criminalize Marijuana.

Posted by: anon | Nov 14, 2008 10:01:38 AM

Where is that "federalist" guy to tell us about how the executive branch represents the will of the people?

Posted by: S.cotus | Nov 14, 2008 3:31:04 PM


Ashutosh Shah (Sugt).
12, Post Office Road,
P.O. – Dum Dum,
Kolkata – 700028
West Bengal, India
Date : 5th January, 09


Respected Sir,

1. With due respect and humble submission I beg to state the following few lines for your kind action please.
2. I, son of Late Mohanlal Shaw enrolled in the Army (EME) since 25th February,1966. Then I have no disturbances / harassment by Punjabi and I have not any complaint. During my service, once in 1985, June 28, I was admitted in Command Hospital, Alipore, Kolkata – 700027 for operation of Appendicular Lump. The case was forwarded by G. B. Hospital, Agartala (Tripura) and then I was serving in 262 Fd. Wksp. Coy. From the command Hospital, Alipore in OT Head entered the cybernatics component in my stomach (Rt.). This type of machine with component are used in war field or otherwise. After the completion of their (Punjabi) conspiracy job I am getting / feeling the following disturbances and harassment.
a) Itching at my body parts (Not in original, by Cybernatics component with offensive machine available with them) Their own creation.
b) Awaking me from sleep and make feel sleep again. These type of disturbed makes me dull and create constipation. When this disturbances are in sufficient manner then their person (male / female) are very glad.
c) Varieties of sexual disturbance (very bad nature). Whatever I can see they can see also.
d) Their disturbances in my eating also.
e) Keep a watch on me for 24 hours.
f) Physical and mental harassment by talking.
g) Their demands are various types including money also.
h) What I am listening they are also listening the same.
i) What I am thinking, they know it by the offensive machine.
j) They are using abusive languages, just nuisance manner and not for humanity in full of envy and also abused infilthy languages to me and Hon’ble President of India to infuriate (to madden) me more.
k) What I am seeing they can also see from my eye.
3. Main Culprit :
Wife of Parminder Singh Pal and her father (Pal Gas Co.), both (P. Singh & Ranjit Kaur) are giving shelter and food to their defaulters relative. Banti (Relative) – Main Operator of the offensive machine.
4. These are the secret criminal offences are doing from 22 yrs which I feel disturbed in serious nature. I have suffered a huge of financial loss for their inhuman and barbaric conspiracy. I am not a self – explanatory or speak for itself. These are the happening daily from 22 yrs. and expensing me much i.e. 2½ lacs and above, who will pay / punish them for these secret rough conspiracy done by his (Bunti) / her (Ranjit Kaur’s) – Father Both are Lt. Col. AMC/Inf.). There is some alternations in the main machine or rough operation done by these Punjabi to disturbed / harass me more.

5. I have complained the subject matter to all over India but I am in vain.

6. Your kind action on the secret criminal offences from 22 yrs. is prayed.

Yours faithfully,

(Ashutosh Shah)

Posted by: Ashutosh Shah | Jan 5, 2009 10:27:39 AM

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