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November 16, 2008

Is immigration reform a critical criminal justice priority?

The question posed by this post title is prompted by this sobering article in today's Houston Chronicle.  The piece is headlined, "A system's fatal flaws: Thousands of inmates admit they're in the U.S. illegally, but even those convicted of violent crimes are often released right back onto Houston's streets."  It starts this way:

Federal immigration officials allowed scores of violent criminals — some ordered deported decades ago — to walk away from Harris County Jail despite the inmates' admission to local authorities that they were in the country illegally, a Houston Chronicle investigation found.  A review of thousands of criminal and immigration records shows that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials didn't file the paperwork to detain roughly 75 percent of the more than 3,500 inmates who told jailers during the booking process that they were in the U.S. illegally.

Although most of the inmates released from custody were accused of minor crimes, hundreds of convicted felons — including child molesters, rapists and drug dealers — also managed to avoid deportation after serving time in Harris County's jails, according to the Chronicle review, which was based on documents filed over a period of eight months starting in June 2007, the earliest immigration records available.

This important piece provide just more evidence of another major criminal justice problem that a new federal administration disregards at its peril.

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Yes it is very important for illegal immigrants to be apprehended and the failure of the Federal Government Officials to live up to their oath of office to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic should be an impeachable action against them.
We are told that we are a nation of laws but the laws are ignored which means we are not a nation of laws.
The recently elected lawyer Barack Obama being a Constitution Lawyer for law review knows this but he flaunts our laws openly to illegals. Should he not take action someone perhaps like me should file a grievance against him for not acting to defend our laws for border security.
What is it with egg headed lawyers and high ranking officials always disavowing our justice system when they believe our laws don't apply. Can someone answer this one for me.

Posted by: Norm | Nov 17, 2008 12:26:31 AM

Alien criminals need to be deported, and if they are found back in the US, then they need to be sent to prison for a very very long time.

Posted by: federalist | Nov 17, 2008 7:26:13 PM

Actually, this is a problem because ICE is too busy locking up workers to have enough space for the crooks. They need to prioritize, but fulminations like Norm's above tend to blur what are otherwise pretty distinct lines between immigrants we should be afraid of (i.e., criminals), and those who've only come here to work.

Posted by: Gritsforbreakfast | Nov 18, 2008 11:02:17 AM

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