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December 4, 2008

"How much time will OJ the killer get? thanks."

The title of this post is the full text of an e-mail I received this afternoon today, from some calling himself "anonymous tip" and excited about tomorrow's scheduled state sentencing of OJ Simpson in Nevada.  Any thoughts dear readers?

For some background, consider this AP article, headlined "OJ judge known for stern lectures, stiff sentences."  Or check out this ESPN piece, headlined "OJ Simpson sentence likely to be at least 18 years."  Or consider this article, which notes that the Goldman family is going to be in the audience:

The Goldman family plans to attend Friday's hearing but doesn't meet the state statutes to give an impact statement in court. In a phone interview, Ron Goldman's sister, Kim, said the family has waited a long time to see O.J. behind bars.  "I hope he leads a miserable existence and I hope it's for a very long time.  The less time he spends out on the street lessens the anxiety that we have."

Geez with OJ and Plaxico making so much sentencing news, I might soon be able to call myself a sports journalist just from doing this blog.

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I hope he does get many years as he
has dodged the bullet many times. He
has hurt many people and has mocked
our justice system when others have not been able too.I hope his fellow
inmates treat him as they would any
other person and not treat him like
a celebrity. Good Luck OJ when you
play you eventually pay...

Posted by: Barbara | Dec 6, 2008 10:36:41 PM

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