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December 28, 2008

Still more blogosphere buzzing about the Presidential pardon polka

Because the story has so many intriguing dimensions, bloggers continue to buzz about Pressident Bush's decision to grant, and then seek to retract, a pardon for Brooklyn real estate developer Isaac Robert Toussie.  Here is just a sample of the continuing buzz:

Of course, P.S. Ruckman is all over all these issues and more at Pardon Power.  But I have not yet seen Ruckman or others speculate about whether this latest pardon polka will further diminish the chances that President Bush will do something courageous and compassionate with his clemency power on his way out the White House door. 

I am hoping for — but not expecting in any way — a significant batch of commutations for persons who have been overpunished by the federal sentencing system under this President's watch.  This recent Fox News story properly that President Bush, who came into power claiming to be a compassionate conservative, "is particularly stingy when it comes to commutations of prison terms."  Specifically, he has only granted nine commutation (one of which includes Scooter Libby), despite the fact that he has "received more than 8,000 such requests since taking office" and the fact that there are now over 202,000 persons whose liberty is controlled by federal prison authorities.  I hope that the Border Agents, Weldon Angelos (whom I represent), and many other overpunished federal defendants do not have their clemency prospects unduly diminished by latest pardon mess.

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