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January 13, 2009

Notable news from the US Sentencing Commission

Providing a useful follow-up to all my speculation about what's going on at the US Sentencing Commission, the USSC's webpage now has these two (exciting?) new press releases:

The news about regional public hearings is exciting in part because it seems the Commission has a broad vision of what can and should be discussed at these hearings:

At the hearings, the Commission expects to hear from a wide range of witnesses from across the nation, including the judiciary, law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, community interest groups, sentencing experts, and others interested in federal sentencing. The Commission is interested in any suggestions regarding changes to the Sentencing Reform Act and other relevant statutes, the federal sentencing guidelines and policy statements, and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure that, in the view of the witness, will further the statutory purposes of sentencing.

Some recent related posts about the US Sentencing Commission:

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