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February 2, 2009

Eric Holder confirmed as Attorney General

This AP article has the news about the confirmation of the nation's new top cop:

Eric Holder won Senate confirmation Monday as the nation's first African-American attorney general, after supporters from both parties touted his dream resume and easily overcame Republican concerns over his commitment to fight terrorism and his willingness to back the right to keep and bear arms. The vote was 75-21.

Some posts on the Holder pick for Attorney General and related issues:

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From: L.A. Daneman, Paralegal
Re: Eric Holder and Kimbrough

June 24, 2009

It was a brief radio news flash this morning at 7 AM, not to be repeated since. Eric Holder was moving as Attorney General to eliminate enhanced sentencing for crack over powder cocaine.

As one who has personally experienced the enslavement of crack cocaine addicts, teenage girls prostituting themselves for $40 just to get a fix, and the way the dealers live off the profits . . . and then how hard it was to get the warrant, and risking my life and the life of others in the process . . . to shut down a crack dealer.

The enhanced sentencing for crack cocaine is justified. The desks of police detectives are spilling over with crack cocaine related crimes, and traffickers at any level deserve the longest sentence possible.

June 23, 2009

Dr. Dean Edell lent his support for Obama's government health care, calling Obama an "accomplished young man."


Obama got into Harvard as the son of an alumni and scholarships from shady international characters.

Law school is only two years of intense study, and it is now more political indoctrination and litigation than the philosophy and study of law.

Obama was an editor on the Law Review, but he never wrote anything.

As a 'street organizer', Obama followed Saul Alinsky and worked for ACORN. ACORN is a key player in voter fraud and the mortgage lending practices which caused the 2008 economic collapse.

As a politician, Obama displayed a talent for legislating hundreds of thousands and then millions to directly benefit his political, personal, and business associates.

Such legislation that takes money from the public treasury and transfers it for political and economic gain is a crime. The crime is called Conversion.

As president, Obama now has access to the U.S. Treasury and the National Debt . . . billions, if not trillions to convert to his personal and political ambitions.

Posted by: LAD | Jun 25, 2009 12:50:37 PM

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