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March 18, 2009

Abolitionists seem more motivated in New Mexico death penalty debate

I have always suspected that, while a majority of the public favors the death penalty, those who are opposed to the death penalty tend to be more passionate and motivated.  This view would seem to be supported by this official press release from the New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's office:

Governor Bill Richardson continues to hear from New Mexicans about a bill to repeal the death penalty and today released details on the more than 9,400 calls, emails and walk-ins he’s received on the issue. The Governor has heard from a total of 9,413 constituents who voiced their opinion on House Bill 285. Of those, 7169 were FOR the repeal of the death penalty and 2244 were AGAINST.

After lawmakers passed the bill on Friday, the Governor urged New Mexicans to call and email him on their thoughts of the bill. The Governor then met with more than 100 New Mexicans at his office on Monday, many of which had concerns either pro or con, the repeal of the death penalty.

The Governor has until midnight on Wednesday, March 18th to take action on HB 285.

I would seriously doubt that public opinion throughout New Mexico runs 3 to 1 against the death penalty.  But, as this press release reveals, it appears that those constituents who are opposed to the death penalty made extra efforts to ensure Governor Richardson heard their views.  In light of this press release, I am now inclined to predict that Governor Richardson will sign the repeal bill that's on his desk tonight. 

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Perhaps Richardson knew this skewing would happen all along and use it to insulate himself from any political fallout.

Posted by: . | Mar 18, 2009 10:14:47 AM

As a New Mexican myself I elected not to contact Bill on this matter. Bill has represented me for 30 years in one form or another and this is nothing sincere or honest about that man. He will do whatever is politically expedient for him to do. The only reason he is even considering the matter is because he can't be elected again because of term limits and no one in DC wants him anymore. So there is no political cost to the most precious thing in his life: his political career.

Posted by: Daniel | Mar 18, 2009 1:40:48 PM

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