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April 3, 2009

"Michael Vick says prison gave him time to think"

The title of this post is the headline given by my local paper to this AP article about Michael Vick's comments to a bankruptcy court today.  Here's more from the article, which includes some interesting reentry aspects:

Suspended NFL star Michael Vick told a bankruptcy court on Friday that his time in prison has given him a chance to think, and he's realized he needs to make some changes. The ex-Atlanta Falcons quarterback, who is serving a 23-month prison sentence for bankrolling a dogfighting operation, said he knows he committed a "heinous" act that was very irresponsible.

"I can't live like the old Mike Vick," he told a courtroom filled with his family, friends and fiancee. "I was very immature. I did a lot of things I wasn't supposed to do being a role model."

In prison, he's filled his days by reading, writing, playing basketball and working a 12-cent-an-hour job as a janitor, he said. The experience has given him a chance to develop he called "an exit strategy."...

Vick is expected to be released from custody in July, and traveled from a federal prison in Kansas to attend the hearing. He could be transferred to home confinement at his eastern Virginia home by late May, and his agent testified Thursday that he hopes Vick can return to the NFL by September....

When he is sent to home confinement, Vick will have a 40-hour-a-week, $10-an-hour job at one of W.M. Jordan Co.'s 40 commercial construction jobs, said John Robert Lawson, whose father helped start the Newport News company.

Lawson, 57, said that he has known Vick for more than 10 years and that they have been involved in charitable work together. He said Vick's representatives approached him when the former hometown hero was turned away by other employers. "I believe all of us make mistakes, and once you've fulfilled your commitment and paid the price, you should be given a second chance," Lawson said in a telephone interview. "He's not a bad person. He made some bad choices."

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I am a little behind here in reading, but this is the stupidest thing I have read today. 23 months, he should have gotten 23 years, he knew exactly what he was doing and to say "he knows he committed "heinous" act that was very irresponsible". well so does everyone else that is in jail say, but I don't see them getting out in less that 2 years.

Posted by: Linda | Apr 10, 2009 6:23:08 PM

He thought about it! He was in there for a while to think about what he did. Now we should let him go back to work.

Posted by: My NFL Forums | Jul 28, 2009 5:31:32 PM

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