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April 23, 2009

Scholarly examination of New Jersey's death penalty repeal

I just notice on SSRN these two pieces that have emerged from the symposium held at Seton Hall in 2008 to discuss the death penalty in New Jersey:

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"Evolving standards," a lying weasel phrase for criminal lover lawyer rent seeking.

All murders after the first are now immunized in New Jersey. The lawyer has abandoned minority murder victims to their fates, because their lives are not worth anything to the criminal lover rent seeking lawyer.

The system is rigged airtight against the victim. Only self-help remains against the criminal cult enterprise that controls the three branches of government.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Apr 23, 2009 7:35:20 PM


I was on the ground in NJ for the repeal efforts. The leading organization for repeal of capital punishment in NJ, NJADP, was founded by two murder victim's family members whose daughter was brutally murdered and who sought to do something more productive with their grief than merely seek vengeance. The legislative commission that voted near unanimously for repeal was heavily comprised of victims' family members. The NJ Prosecutor's Association (hardly a convention of bleeding heart hippy elitists) supported abolition in NJ. Indeed, I am quite proud that NJADP prior to abolition -- and even more so since -- has fought militantly to get the money previously spent on the death penalty to fund expansion of victims' services for those who suffer the most serious of violent crime.

The reality in NJ is that if it had just been criminal defense lawyers and their ilk seeking repeal it never would have happened. No matter how amazingly awesome ACLDNJ & the current Public Defender (and she is fantastic) had been the voices calling for reform instead of a broad banner coalition repeal never would have happened. In reality in NJ is that death has been replaced with LWOP and what is known as NERA life (85% of life or about 64 years) two incredibly powerful prosecutorial tools both in plea bargaining and in post-trial sentencing.

Speaking just for me,

- karl

Posted by: karl | Apr 23, 2009 8:28:52 PM

The vile, self-dealing, criminal lover lawyer makes it impossible to execute anyone for under $10 million. That characterization includes prosecutors and judges. There is no difference between them, and they switch sides for a small salary increase. They are skank whores.

Then he suggests saving money by ending the death penalty. This has the audacity in that joke of the parent murderer seeking mercy as an orphan. Beyond the cost, no criminal lover lawyer has allowed any discussion of the dose-response curve that describes the effects of all remedies.

Those organizations are left wing organizations, lily white. They have brought the masking ideology of the vile criminal lover, rent seeking lawyer. You can find Jews that support the Intifada on the Left. It is easy to find traitors who are horrible partisan political hacks, betraying past and future murder victims. There were lots of survivors of 9/11 victims who bashed our country while at war. They have zero moral authority. They demean their losses by their offensive, crass exploitation of their loved one's suffering.

The death penalty is not revenge. It is self-defense.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Apr 23, 2009 9:15:01 PM

supremacy clause, your screed in general and rants against attorneys are bizarre and quite wacko. Please commit yourself and get appropriate medication.

Posted by: anon | Apr 24, 2009 1:27:29 AM

Anon: The lawyer believes minds can be read; the future of rare accidents can be foreseen; that 12 strangers, after any with knowledge has been excluded, can detect the truth by using their gut feelings; that a chain of causation exists in the physical universe; that our standards of conduct must be set by a fictional character invented by the lawyer hierarchy, with the prudent personality of Mickey Mouse; that his profession is the greatest after every goal of every law subject is in failure; that the Coase Theorem is true.

The lawyer allows 23 million crimes a year. Lawyer legal attacks on our warriors and intelligence services was the major factor in the 9/11 attacks, covered up by the lawyer dominated 9/11 Commission. The lawyer has possibly lost Pakistan and its nuclear weapons to the Taliban by hobbling and threatening to prosecute our warriors, after embedding themselves as commissars of political correctness, down to the brigade level. The lawyer forced banks to lend to crack addicts, and forced them to mark assets to market, taking down the world economy. The lawyer destroyed the black family in the 1960's, where it survived slavery, war, discrimination, poverty, lynchings before the lawyer. The lawyer caused the Civil War. Then the lawyer and judge started and ran the KKK, to plunder the hard earned assets of successful blacks. Lynchings had a business plan, with total immunity for mass, genocidal murder from local prosecutors and judges. The substantial holdings of successful black murder victims of lynchings then went to lawyers. The lawyer is working on destroying the white family.

It's beyond bizarre, wacko, and committable.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Apr 24, 2009 7:05:28 AM

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