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April 5, 2009

Two notable new papers on the death penalty

I never get tired of reading what Professor Deborah Denno has to say about the death penalty, and thus I was pleased to discover that she has two new papers posted on SSRN.  Both appear to be chapters from new death penalty books, and here are the links:

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Not quite on topic, but thought you might find this article interesting:

DNA tests on inmates sometimes proved they were guilty
The Kansas City Star

Kansas inmate Charles Hunter insisted he was an innocent man, that the system got it wrong.

So did Charles Williams, a Texas prisoner convicted of three rapes that happened two decades ago.

Just do DNA testing, both pleaded with prosecutors and advocacy groups. Science would set them free, just like it had some 230 inmates before them.

Only one problem. Science didn’t prove Hunter and Williams innocent last month.

It proved their guilt.

Posted by: Sentencing Observer | Apr 7, 2009 4:00:38 PM

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