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May 2, 2009

Alabama judge orders killer dad to take daily look at his victims

As detailed in this local AP article, an Alabama state judge added a novel condition when sentencing a killer to death earlier this week.  Here are the details:

A judge on Thursday ordered a death sentence for a coastal Alabama man who was convicted of murdering four young children by tossing them from a bridge to "torture" his wife. Mobile County Circuit Judge Charles Graddick also ordered that prison officials show Lam Luong photos of the children each day he spends on death row awaiting lethal injection....

The 38-year-old jobless shrimper was convicted of capital murder in March for killing the children on Jan. 7, 2008 in a dispute with his wife, Kieu Phan, who was 23 at the time. Jurors last month earlier voted 12-0 for the death penalty.

Luong, a Vietnamese refugee who came to the U.S. when he was 13, was convicted of dropping the children — Ryan Phan, 3; Hannah Luong, 2; Lindsey Luong, 1; and 4-month-old Danny Luong — from the top of an 80-foot-high span to Dauphin Island. The bodies were recovered from coastal waters.  Luong was the father of three of the children.  His wife was pregnant with Ryan, the child of another man, when they met in 2004, according to testimony.

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There might be constitutional problems with that. Most other "novel" sanctions are a probation condition.

Of course, this is probably just a publicity stunt for the "cute little people" and not actual legal stuff. But, whatever.

Posted by: S.cotus | May 3, 2009 5:05:37 AM

Somebody should order Judge Charles Graddick to get some perspective. What an asshole. Luong was a child when the US was reigning bombs down on Vietnam, a war Graddick undoubtedly supported. Of course, Graddick took the Bush pledge of cowardice, choosing to serve in the Alabama National Guard to avoid fighting in a war he no doubt cheered on.

The federal courts (or, in lieu of that, the federal government) need to reign in the Southern states once again.

Posted by: DK | May 3, 2009 5:10:54 AM

Hahaha. So, not only does DK not understand the meaning of perspective, the meaning of relevance is lost as well. Good times.

Posted by: Ben | May 3, 2009 1:47:03 PM

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