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May 19, 2009

NFL update: More on Vick's release ... while wondering about Plaxico's fate

For all you reentry fans, here is the latest news from ESPN about Michael Vick's imminent release from federal prison:

Concerned about Michael Vick's security, the federal bureau of prisons remains secretive about exactly when he will leave the federal penitentiary after serving 23 months for a dogfighting conspiracy. The suspended NFL quarterback's release could come under the cloak of darkness, sources close to Vick told ESPN's Kelly Naqi.  Paperwork is being processed Tuesday and Vick is expected to leave prison sometime Wednesday.

Upon his release, Vick will travel to his home in Hampton, Va., about a 19-hour trip if he chooses to drive. He will not be escorted by federal authorities and must report into the probation office in Norfolk on Friday, at which time he'll begin serving home confinement. For two months, the suspended NFL star will be largely confined to his home and will wear an electronic monitor that allows federal probation officials to track his movements. He is expected to be released from federal custody on July 20....

Vick will be allowed to go to his full-time construction job and will likely be allowed about five hours a week for other court-approved activities, according to Ed Bales, managing director of Federal Prison Consultants, an inmate rehabilitation advocacy group.

Permissible activities for inmates on home confinement typically include things like medical appointments, religious obligations and meetings with probation officials. No dinners out. No chilling at a friend's house. And definitely no bars. "He's going to be pretty much read the riot act: 'If we catch you in one situation like that, it's back to you know where,' " Bales said.

One restriction tailored specifically for Vick for his three years of supervised probation: He can never again own a dog.  U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson already made that decision when he sentenced Vick.

I did not realize a condition of Vick's supervised release prohibited dog ownership.  I guess Vick can have a cat, and I sure hope he does not get drawn into the ugly clandestine world of cat juggling.

Meanwhile, while looking for Vick news, I came across this articlenoting that the Chicago Bears are talking about signing Plaxico Burress, who apparently "has a June 15 hearing stemming from felony gun charges."  Given that New York state prosecutors seem disinclined to let Burress plead to anything that does not include at least a year in prison, I find it strange (and perhaps telling) that NFL teams and reporters still do not seem to fully realize that Burress could end up spending as much if not more time behind bars as Vick has simply for possessing a gun in the wrong place and the wrong time.

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If he does get atleast a year, maybe it will draw attention to the unreasonableness of NY gun law

Posted by: Monty | May 19, 2009 1:25:01 PM

He cannot own a dog?

probably a good call.

How about other animals that are dog-like? For example, can he own a wolf, a fox, a jackal, a hyena or a dingo? Can he own a cross-breed (wolf-dog)? Will prosecutors insist on genetic testing to determine if a pet is prohibited?

Just wondering. The litigation could be interesting.

Posted by: Allan | May 19, 2009 2:53:56 PM

At some point these decrees (hard labor, pet ban, home confinement after years in prison) look more like judicial grandstanding and pulling wings off flies than good-faith efforts to make Vick's punishment fit his crimes.

He's broke. Be's been disgraced. He's been incarcerated. He's the object of public derision and apparently his safety is in jeopardy. Whether he'll be allowed to use his talent to earn a living isn't yet certain. How much is enough?

Posted by: John K | May 20, 2009 10:13:23 AM

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