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August 27, 2009

Latest news on sentencing and prison reform in California

Anyone closely following the saga of proposed sentencing and prison reforms in California will want to be sure to check out these two new press reports:

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All released prisoners to halfway houses across from the homes of judges, left wing low life editorial writers, criminal lover lawyers, and craven legislators that want to loose vicious predators on the public, especially the striving residents of poor neighborhoods.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Aug 27, 2009 10:20:33 PM

It would be a good innovation in professional standard of lawyer due care to always involve the cult criminal personally. They are all low life, worthless, internal traitors to our people. As they show our people no quarter, so should none ever be considered for them.

Always. All adverse motions, all adverse decisions should result in counter-motions for sanctions. If the pro-lawyer biased lawyer on the bench rules in the favor of the fellow cult criminal, demand recusal. Then demand removal by the administrative judge. Then press charges with the Judicial Review Board. Repeat after every adverse decision. Organize a campaign of personal boycott by all local product and service providers. Denounce these traitors in their churches, before their families, and demand they be expelled from all associations. As they make life unbearable for the American people, so should they never breathe for even a short moment in peace. The cult criminal should face a continual flood of charges, investigations, and demands for expulsion from our culture. These should end only upon death, natural or otherwise.

As these heartless lawyers loose 10's of 1000's of vicious predators on our people, so they should the lawyer client be herded and amassed right next door to the criminal lover cult criminals. The prisoners should be encouraged to stare at the lawyer's daughters rear views from porches of halfway houses next door, as the kids climb school bus steps. Issue the predators binoculars. The lawyer should personally experience what millions of families experience every year at the hand of the criminal lover government, 99% controlled by the criminal cult enterprise.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Aug 27, 2009 10:36:23 PM

There are some inmates who are there without malice... they actually need to be protected. They are becoming ill and were not sentenced to die...just serve time until they get their lives in order or simply "grow up!" They were put there to protect society (us) from them.
I know someone who is gentle as a lamb who is daily frightened/disgusted by the people he must live with inside the prison. He needs medical help, but the "system" is overwhelmed. He has skin cancer and hyperparathyroidism. He needs physical protection, but must live in a "dorm" with hundreds of others swarming (yes, literally swarming) around with their constant noise and smell and disgusting language. He needs psychological help and, fortunately, after begging for seven years for counseling is getting 60 minutes once a week in group therapy. In order to get counseling, he had to agree to go on medication to put him to sleep at night and another med to get up in the morning. He never needed such stuff until placed in these awful "dorms." Some people thrive on being around lots of people. Others need cells to have quiet time to think about their crimes. One shoe does not fit all..... and one sentence does not fit all.... we need a Sentencing Commission to really consider what is appropriate for each situation. We need judges who are not in the "back pocket" of the DAs, willing to do their bidding.

Posted by: concerned mother | Aug 28, 2009 12:08:30 PM

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