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October 19, 2009

UK advocacy group urges motherhood as a sentencing consideration

This new BBC piece, which headlined "Courts 'should consider mothers'," reports on how an advocacy group across the pond is calling for consideration of family values at sentencing:

Magistrates and judges in Wales should take account of whether women are mothers when sentencing them, says a children's charity. Barnado's Cymru said courts "need to look at alternatives to custodial sentences" when dealing with mothers. They should know more about the impact of a sentence on a child, it says.

Laura Tranter said a woman should still face the full range of sentencing "but whether or not she needs to lose ties with her children is another issue". The children's charity said children in Wales who have a parent in prison need better support.

Its report, Every Night You Cry, says that failing to address their needs has a negative impact on their behaviour, claiming that "almost two-thirds of boys with a convicted father go on to offend" if no interventions are made. The charity says there are an estimated 160,000 children in the UK who have a parent in prison, more than twice the number of children in care and six times the number of children on the child protection register.

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This is just advocacy by the left, using a respected status, motherhood as a pretext. It is misleading.

1) Most criminals and drug addicts care about their babies enough to stop the life at least during pregnancy. These mothers don't care enough to do so.

2) The more time children spend with criminals and drug addicts, the worse they do. They are distressed by the scary behaviors, and imitate the scary behaviors. The imitation gets them in a lot of trouble, and brings down punishments on them.

It is not obvious that less time in jail would help the children, the public, nor anyone else, with one exception

By their extreme acting up, the criminals would generate massive government services. So this advocacy is to generate a lot of government jobs, as these criminals devastate everything and everyone they encounter.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Oct 19, 2009 5:10:20 PM

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