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December 14, 2009

Bad judges, bad judges . . . whatcha gonna do?

Bb what The lyrical title of this post and the movie posted were inspired by these two articles in the Houston Chronicle today:

Here is how the first of these pieces gets started:

One federal judge got arrested for driving drunk while dressed in drag.  Others stood accused of frequenting prostitutes, a strip club and a shady escort service; sexually assaulting female court employees; sucker-punching a stranger; or slapping a spouse.

Federal judges have made illegal campaign contributions, falsified court records, and illegally concealed cash gifts and gambling debts.  Many more have engaged in unethical or irresponsible acts, according to an investigation by the Houston Chronicle of more than 3,000 judicial misconduct matters nationwide and analysis of related records over 10 years.

Most get away with it.

Only seven judges in the last decade have faced formal disciplinary action as a result of the nation's secretive misconduct review process. In that same period, citizens filed more than 6,000 formal misconduct complaints, the Chronicle found.

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In all fairness to the judges though, many of those thousands of complaints are from disgruntled inmates who are just trying to cause trouble (i.e. the judge did not do anything wrong). I suspect the percentage of such complaints is very high.

Posted by: Troy | Dec 14, 2009 3:26:42 PM

Doug: The "lyrical title of this post and the movie posted" succeeds only in sensationalizing, prejudging, and misleading your readers. The disciplinary process for federal judges is a topic ripe for discussion but not in a sleazy, tabloid, manner. I expect better from this blog.

Posted by: mjs | Dec 14, 2009 3:45:15 PM

I disagree. Part of the reason I like this blog and Prof. Berman is his irreverent sense of humor. Sometimes the issues are so ridiculous, the natural reaction laughter. This is nothing new for this blog, I recall a picture of Mario of Super Mario Bros. next to a post describing Mario Claiborne's case in the Supreme Court.
And Hannah Montana.

Posted by: Buffalo Bill | Dec 14, 2009 5:08:40 PM

I come down on Berman's side here. Lighten up, mjs.

Posted by: federalist | Dec 14, 2009 5:43:10 PM

As to these biased, pro-lawyer rent seeking incompetents,

1) no lawyer should be allowed on the bench; judging is a difficult, separate, nearly unrelated profession;

2) end all self-dealt judge immunity from professional malpractice; force them to carry insurance; automatically remove the uninsurable judge; if the underwriting risk is unacceptable, the risk to public safety is as well;

3) any engaging in judicial review is violating Article I Section 1 of the US constitution or its state equivalent; arrest them; try them; hang the insurrectionists;

4) stop oppressing judges, and allow them to be inquisitorial;

5) end one of three major mistakes in the Constitution, the life time appointment, allowing an Alzheimerocracy;

6) any uttering Latin, any using supernatural doctrines, any using concepts or methods from Scholasticism is violating the Establishment Clause; apply the remedy in 3);

7) the adversarial system was a Scholasticist method for getting at a correct answer; it has no reliability statistics, let alone any scientific validity; it does not withstand any Daubert analysis; it generates massive lawyer fees, all of which are wasted and worthless, insuring no rights, nor increasing any chance of greater correctness of outcome.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Dec 15, 2009 4:56:16 AM

Thanks for reminding me of some of my favorite graphics, Buffalo Bill. And thanks also for the defense, federalist.

Plus, as mjs should realize, I often try to reference pop culture in posts so that I can better justify writing off my subscription to Entertainment Weekly! (If any IRS agent is reading, please know that I'm just kidding!)

Posted by: Doug B. | Dec 15, 2009 9:20:32 AM

Doug --

The last time I knew anything about pop culture, Elvis was just getting started.

Posted by: Bill Otis | Dec 15, 2009 10:38:41 AM

Please check out case # 3:09-cv-00446 in the District Court of Nevada. I am suing Judge Kent Dawson for that which he would be in prison if not a Federal Judge.In the course of sabotaging my first "civil suit" against the government, Las Vegas Review Journal, Chicago Tribune, Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and my own attorney who the government "got to," Dawson conspired with the government to threaten me with falsle imprisonment so to coerce me to abandon, protected all co-defendants by burying evidence and falsifying his docket sheet, concealed my attorney was a government conspirator and that I forced him to put him in dafault and finally... after abandoning after proving my phone tapped, wrote a final order wherein he "lied," taunted me and threatened me to silence by issuing a WARNING:CASE CLOSED. I am suing him over that final order and on Jan. 22 in Reno there was an oral argument and my judge adamently denied Dawson's motion to appear Amicus Curiae (as a "friend of the court.) Check out danamerino on Youtube and you will find my pre-submitted oral argument and the "MCC" music video I produced in Nov. 2007 and wherein I expose the government in the act of sabotaging my criminal appeal. I was suing the 4 7th Circuit judges who eventually did it and they were 4 more defendants Dawson made certain walk when sabotgaing my first "civil suit."

Posted by: Dana Merino | Jan 29, 2010 2:31:06 AM

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