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January 20, 2010

"One Year: Where Are the Judges?"

The title of this post is the headline of this little piece by Jeffrey Toobin that's part of a New Yorker review of President Obama's first year. Here are snippets:

It’s an understatement to say that President Obama has had a busy agenda in his first year in office, so it may sound churlish to complain about something he hasn’t done.  But to me the most surprising aspect of Obama’s first year has been his failure to take full advantage of one the great opportunities available to any President: the chance to nominate federal judges.

When Obama took office, there were more than a hundred vacancies on the federal appeals and district courts. One year into his tenure, Obama has made only thirty-one appointments to those courts, and just twelve have been confirmed.  In George W. Bush’s first year, with a similar number of vacancies, he made sixty-four nominations.  White House officials assert that ten new district court nominations are imminent, but the overall pace remains astonishingly slow. I wrote about this aspect of Obama’s Presidency last September, and the trend has continued....

Republicans have stalled on many nominations, fought others, and mostly done their best to slow down the pace.  What’s perplexing is that Obama himself has not filled the pipeline with nominations; if he did, Republicans might feel some pressure to move the process along.  Senator Patrick Leahy, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has held prompt hearings for all of Obama’s nominees, but he can’t hold hearings on nominations that haven’t yet been made.

Obama himself is currently going through a rough patch in his presidency, and his influence on Capitol Hill is waning.  An assertive Republican minority will probably only feel emboldened to engage in ever more obstructionist tactics.  A thin slate of judicial nominees only makes the Republicans’ task easier.

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The fewer there are judges, the better off the nation is. Every judge likely kills $millions in economic value every year kept alive, by loosing vicious predators, incarcerating innocent people, unlawfully redistributing assets from the productive to the parasite clients of the lawyer, and especially to the land pirate itself, enabling and encouraging terrorists to attack our nation. The judge killed manufacturing. The judge caused the high level of criminality. The judge caused all sick PC, since all PC is case. The judge destroyed the American family. The judge protects all the paramilitary, heavily armed illegal alien gangs terrorizing our minority neighborhoods. The judge is always biased in favor of lawyer rent seeking by the indoctrination of law school.

Judges are all lawyers. They know nothing about nothing. Their decisions are chaotic, garbage decisions, with the validity of a two year old throwing things about the room, passing as interior decorating.

Law school texts are like Mein Kampfs of the plaintiff bar. They are totally one sided lawyer garbage propaganda. Law school courses are all lawyer indoctrination boot camps. No substantive dissent is permitted. Critical studies are just future areas of litigation and plunder, and are always encouraged by the extreme left wing ideologues running lawyer education, however, heinous the content or offensive to American values the advocates.

No law school grad should ever be allowed to sit on the bench. All appellate judges are in insurrection against the Constitution's Article I Section 1 and the state equivalents, if they have ever declared a law unconstitutional. They have imposed their personal preferences in an incompetent manner on a public to whom they have zero accountability.

There is full legal and policy justification if a strong executive ever decides to have the entire appellate judiciary arrested, briefly tried, and executed. To deter. The sole evidence of treason and insurrection would be the texts of their decisions. There would be no lawyer gotcha on any collateral corruption.

Obama. Do not listen to the left wing crybabies. Take your sweet time appointing judges. The longer you take, the better off the public.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jan 20, 2010 8:09:15 PM

Martin, 11th Ct, has just been confirmed 97-0. Thompson, 1st Ct, is up for a vote today. Chin, 2nd Ct, has been reported out of cmte and should be up for a vote soon.

But the big news might be that Goodwin Liu of Berkeley Law will be nominated to the 9th Ct.


Posted by: . | Jan 21, 2010 8:52:42 AM

Oh hey, so not only is Liu of ACS fame and took part in the Obama transition, according to Ed of NRO,

"Liu distinguished himself during the Alito confirmation process by delivering patently demagogic testimony against Alito."

Considering that a number of Democratic-appted judges went to bat for Alito, this is the most liberal judge Obama has nominated. Obviously though, for the 9th, where 1 is most conservative, 10 is most liberal, he's probably still a 7 or 8 ...

Posted by: . | Jan 21, 2010 9:30:10 AM

He got his BA in 1991 which would him around 40, the youngest Ct nominee by at least 10 years. Given he's from California, there's a high likelihood this was the work of Boxer and Feinstein.

Posted by: . | Jan 21, 2010 9:34:26 AM

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